Arsenio Patterson 2012 Edit by Mike Torres

Arsenio Patterson and I have been working together on blade video projects since 2005. The blader/filmer relationship is always important when working together on a project, especially when you have someone as talented and as trusting as Arsenio. -Mike Torres

‘First Go’ by Mike Torres: A Barcelona Blade Trip Video

After five unanswered visits to The States, it was about time we returned the favor to Dan and Mike. Here's the long winded story of a few Americans traveling overseas to pay our friends a visit, and to do a little blading in the street skating capital of the world; Barcelona. -Mike Torres

Mike Torres 2012 Profile

In the past couple of years, when I wasn't nursing a dislocated shoulder, working my ass off, recovering from a sprained ankle, rehabbing a pulled ACL, uprooting my life to the dirty south, working my ass off even more, pretending that my wrist wasn't broken, nursing a dislocated shoulder (again), and totally doing it with every girl ever... I was rollerblading. -Mike Torres

2009 Stretch Tour Highlights Edit by Mike Torres

This is an edit I made just a few days after the tour ended back in 2009, on my friend Connor O'Brien's computer, while I was still stuck out in California (which ended up being for just over a month). The Stretch Tour Video was always something I had a strong desire to make, but never felt the full story was truly captured on camera. Perhaps one day I will release all of this footage in some form, but until then, enjoy this four and a half minute recap of me, and some of the best friends a dude could ask for traveling across the United States in our 1989 Lincoln Towncar Stretch Limousine. -Mike Torres

Grant Hazelton Arizona Edit by Mike Torres

He's not my brother. He is also not my twin. He is the better looking, more responsible, more technical, more stylish, version of myself. He is my upgrade. Perhaps he was sent here from the future to kill the young John Connor, and it is my job to save him regardless of the fact that I am a technically inferior model... I digress. Grant is one of my best friends, and probably my favorite person to skate with. And boy can he pull off a mustache. -Mike Torres

Gary Murphy Arizona Edit by Mike Torres

If you wanted in on my AZ trip in 2011 you had to prove it by growing out your facial hair and shaving it into a mustache on the first day. Gary was dedicated to the trip, so I'm dedicating this section to one of the most solid bladers, and most importantly, one of the most solid people, I know. -Mike Torres

Roc City Skates 5×5 Edit by Mike Torres

Mike Torres aka "this gifted son of a bitch" produced this new edit for Roc City Skates, with Roc City Skates. Peep Nate Hall, Tim Adams, Grant Hazelton, Steve Bruning and said son of a bitch murk the streets of Rochester, NY.