Mushroom Bladingless Volume #5: Prove Yourself

The following is about a group of Canadian Rollerbladers, gathering under the giant mountains of Keremeos, B.C. for Todd's bachelor party. Equipped with enough Boss beer to drown a horse, a really fun skatepark with beautiful surroundings, and a crew of best friends, this is what happened. -Joey McGarry

Mushroom Blading Volume 6: Wacky Mode Part #2

The description to the video says that Mushroom Blading Volume 6: 'Wacky Mode Part #2', was filmed in less than 48 hours, in 7 days over 6 and a half sessions. This is the last 4 days, condensed to a little over 50 minutes. And those 50 minutes are packed with the usual toe rolls, stair bashing and weird cess slides. Fun to watch, as always.

Mushroom Blading Volume 4

The video puts the viewer into the individual sections sort of like other videos. With footage around weird, experimental and sometimes silly tricks, it creates a feeling that they went and filmed themselves rollerblading.