Haitian Mag’s Quick Shred #4

Haitian Magazine on a mission in Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, and Kansas City. Quick Shred #4 features the likes of Brian Bina, Seba Seufferheld, Malcolm Heard, Sean Kelso, Anthony Marchione, Sean Darst, Nick Labarre and many more.

Full Video: Honey Baked (2010)

A bladeflick filmed by Malcolm Heard and Dylan Davis featuring Thinh Le, Dan Leifeld, Dylan Davis, Alex Broskow, Matt Langel, Dean Coward, Keith and Adam Brierley, Quinn Barnett, Adam Exline, Nick Labarre, and Brian Bina.

Two Times Mixtape Vol.1 by Malcolm Heard

The Two Times Mixtape Vol. 1 is one hell of a skate movie! It features skating of Malcolm Heard, Dale Pamintuan, Sean Darst, Thinh Le, Brian Bina, and Nick Labarre. Sit back and enjoy the 18 minutes of sick shredding!

Chicago Bladin’ by Malcolm Heard

There's so much awesomeness in this edit it's almost ridiclulous. Blading by Nick Labarre, Thinh Le, Quinn Barnett, Matthias St.John, Paul John, Rory Melehan, Matt Ladewski, Collin Martin, Dale Patomania, Milan Calabrese, Matt Luda, Malcolm Heard, Sean Darst, Kristian Claros, Brian Bina. Filmed and edited by Malcolm Heard

Quick Shred

Sweet park skating by Gabe Talamantes, Nick Labarre, Dale Patomania, Thinh Le, Sean Darst, Milan Calabrese & Koko.

Honey Baked – Trailer

Honey Baked is a blade video made by Malcolm Heard and Dylan Davis featuring Thinh Le, Dylan Davis, Nick LaBarre, Brian Bina, Dan Leifeld, Quinn Barnett & Adam Exline. It will be available at BCSD.