Daniel Prell: One Minute One Spot

Lately Ive been skating a lot with my homies Chris & Dome. We decided to raise some money to buy a generator to be able to skate some nice night sessions. When Be-mag asked me to come up with an "One Minute One Spot"-edit we already filmed how we bought our baby so we came up with the idea to make the one minute one spot our first generator edit.

Amsterdam Week: IMYTA+ Flashback

I had seen touristbladers before of course. Most of the time you would run into touristbladers at the local skatespots, and every once in a while you could spot a small flock of touristbladers in the wild. But nothing could have prepared me for the amount of touristbladers I witnessed the days leading up to one of the most anticipated real street events ever. Everywhere I went I encountered Mindgame hoodies, $enate backpacks, Medium sweaters and more of the like. Us Damsko Kids had been waiting for this weekend ever since it had become clear that the two grandfathers of real street contests would be working together on what was to become one of the most epic rollerblading weekends ever witnessed by man. This day had finally arrived. With it an unbelievable number of rollerbladers of all ages and nationality. Words fail to describe the awesomeness experienced by yours truly. Therefore I will not even attempt to bore you with more of my insane ramblings, but will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Ryan Timms: Drawing Lines

Ryan Muh Fuckin' Timms. He da best and he's been out here for a while now. Not on the "Oh my god, did you see Timms in the new (awesome contest) edit?" Fuck no! This man has been on the grind with no intent on stopping. This dude is stronger than ever, or a few, or slightly better than your local favorite that doesn't promote himself. Trust and believe. Alright, Ryan Timms... This kid can skate lines and worked really goddamn hard to put this shit together. I know. I've seen him stop through VA – where I reside and where he's from – more than a few times and has been road tripping non stop with 'I Don't Carolina'. Those dudes go hard. I don't know what they really are but they're bladers and skate with not a single fuck given. That's all I got. Ryan Timms is busting his ass and putting himself out there for the trolls and still doing it. Not saying he is. Not talking about it but actually being about it. Real talk.

An Outlook on X-Mas Jam 2011 with Organizer Jonn Rübcke

One of Europe's longest running contests, the infamous X-Mas Jam, is taking place in Hamburg Germany next weekend. We talked to organizer Jonn Rübcke to see what we can expect from this years event and also how he plans to take the whole thing even further this year. Two days, competitors from all over Europe and 3000 € in prize money. This is going to be big!

AGV Team Belarus Tour Update #5: Minsk

This day was full of spots. But full of police, too. First spot was not good. Just few tricks and few photos on a small rail. Next spot happened to be a straight rail where cool switch-ups were landed by Dmitriy Shuganov.

Cult Logic Montage

Daniel Gourski comes up with a sweet edit featuring: Brian Aragon, Maik Lojewski (Borken),Sidney Hansen (Hamburg),Moritz Grenzdörfer...