Jeremy Spira – Nimh Throwback Edit

It´s gotten a bit quiet around Jeremy but you sure haven´t forgotten his steezy bladin if you know what was and is good about what we do! Living a family life one might doubt it´s possible to bust out crazy tricks and push yourself to new levels. Well, it certainly isn´t for Mr.Spira! Enjoy this well shot n chopped piece of rolling media brought to you by SCUMPIRE!

Colin Kelso Nimh Video Section

Sean Kelso just uploaded his brothers' original section from the Nimh video. Filmed in Philadelphia, Kansas City, Austin, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee and Cincinnati. Haven't checked out the video yet? Get it at the Be-Mag online shop!

Louis Vilar Nimh edit by Fred Simcic

Check out this sweet edit of Louis Vilar skating his Nimhs. Louis is now supported by SHIMA so this is not the extent of what you can expect from him! Please go to for more insight on his plans!

NIMH Oli Short Promo Edit by Paco Rey

His name says it all: Paco Rey, literally translated in English as "Paco King" is a very descriptive name for this guy. And what better first name for a Spanish dude than "Paco"? He has way too many stories to share with the world and I am sad that because of his English not being too good, most of them are kept amongst Spanish ears. Luckily for me I had the chance to cross ways with him and have known him for a long time now. He is very loyal to his thoughts and will always take the good part out of the worst situation. Another good thing about Paco is that there is no place for stress in his world and this rubs off to everyone around him. He will take you to his world and you won't be able to stop laughing. It’s for things like that you want to have this paco on every tour, on every trip and possibly at least once a month.


The NIMH DVD is coming to Spain. So you have a chance to see it at the official Spain video premiere in BARCELONA, at one of the most underground skateparks...Alkatrazz. For sure there will be a nice session going on that day too. You can also buy the DVD at the premiere. Be there.

NIMH Blu-ray Trailer

The NIMH DVD will be released as a Blu-ray, too. This version of the team video will include second profiles of Bolino, Montre and Short, 2 extra montages, falls, alternate angles and much more.

New NIMH & Vicious Euro Lines

If you're from Europe and in need for new clothing to be able to withstand the cold weather that's coming up, you should check out the new NIMH and Vicious lines. Sporting fresh designs on high quality cotton, we're sure this stuff is for everyone. You don't even need to skate NIMHs or be all that vicious to rock this gear.