Patrick Ridder Flick by Peter Bender

New edit of Patrick Ridder just popped up and it's a good one! Filmed and edited by Peter Bender. Additional filming by Martin Hirby, Mark Heuss, Andre Lepszy, Dominik Stransky, and Sandro Grünheid.

Patrick Ridder sessioning with Jon Julio

Some days ago Jon Julio visited Patrick Ridder in Mannheim (Germany). And of course they went to Ridder's local skatepark to have a quick session together! Get a taste of another Valo quality edit now.

All Or Nothing: Patrick Justin Smith Interview

Since I moved to Münster in 2009, I tried to motivate Patrick to blade more often and of course also to collect some footage. We started filming for this project around 2010, but after the first year of filming, Patrick became more motivated so he decided to invest more time and make it better. In the end, almost all clips of the first year became leftovers and we ended up with a badass old school section which can easily keep up with his former sections. Patrick Smith is not dead yet!? A main quote over the whole time was "all or nothing" or rather "friss oder stirb" which is the translated quote from Sin City which sounds even more badass. Friss oder stirb; Eat or die.

Jo Zenk Grindhouse Welcome Edit

Jo Zenk has been added to the Grindhouse team last year already, but only now drops this introductory edit. Check this piece out, dude goes hard! Filmed by Maik Lojewski, Daniel Gourski, Jurij Pelaev, Daniel Meier, Miro Kolb, Basti Hofer, Patrick Ridder, Phil Aznar, Ege Ugurman, Pascal Zimmermann, edited by himself.

The Blackjack Project launches new Blog + Edit

The Blackjack Project just launched their new blog on which you will find everything about the project and the whole team from now on. Also check out the edit that was released today featuring blading by Marc Moreno, Gabriel Hyden, Patrick Ridder, Dominik Wagner, Chris Berg, Dave Benski, Bart Laubsch and Tim Wolff.

Razors Mathias Silhan SL Skate Release Edit

The new Mathias Silhan Razors SL skate is available worldwide! Check this promo edit by Salim Sikha, Guillaume Latchimy, Matthieu Heinemann, Patrick Ridder, Laurent Muller, Spacymen Andy and Thomas Knoll.

‘ABS 3’ Trailer by Wolfgang Appelt

Very promising trailer for Wolfgang Appelts 'ABS 3' video, featuring Felix Geissler, Sacha Lopez, Lucas Landthaler, Cyril Daniel, Arne Dahlmeier, Miro Kolb, Daniel Prell, Dave Mutschall, William Krüger, Jens Küfner, Patrick Ridder and many more.

Blackjack Team Introduction

Peep this edit featuring Bart Laubsch, Patrick Ridder, Chris Berg, Dominik Wagner, Dave Benski, Gabriel Hyden, and Marc Moreno all repping Blackjack. Blackjack is a proud supporter of Be-Mag. So support the supporters and check out their gear once it drops! It'll be available exclusively through Hedonskate.