Xsjado 2.0 by Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith Xsjado 2.0 from Be-Mag on Vimeo. Text by Patrick Smith Edit by Jo Zenk, Smis, and Alex Klöber Well here it is finally! The...

Münster Parkhauslines by Patrick Smith & Jo Zenk

Filmed in October 2011. We started to enjoy meeting up at Münsters best known spot again, the yellow rails in the parking lot. With a dry ground and light all night, it is only choice to save us from goin to crappy indoor parks again. However it's a good choice. One evening Patrick Smith and I decided to film a few lines for a quick edit. This is what came out. Hope you enjoy it. -Jo Zenk

All Or Nothing: Patrick Justin Smith Interview

Since I moved to Münster in 2009, I tried to motivate Patrick to blade more often and of course also to collect some footage. We started filming for this project around 2010, but after the first year of filming, Patrick became more motivated so he decided to invest more time and make it better. In the end, almost all clips of the first year became leftovers and we ended up with a badass old school section which can easily keep up with his former sections. Patrick Smith is not dead yet!? A main quote over the whole time was "all or nothing" or rather "friss oder stirb" which is the translated quote from Sin City which sounds even more badass. Friss oder stirb; Eat or die.

Snowlerblading with Jo Zenk

Jo Zenk decided to film another snowedit during this years harsh wintertime. And went to work with wet clothes afterwards. Filmed by Jurij Pelaev, off-camera commentary by Patrick Smith.

Adrian Röter 2012 edit

The Force is strong with Adrian Röter. 'Our young Padawan grows up... Be prepared for more', is what Eugen Enin had to say about this profile. Filmed by Dennis Baethke, Pat Schmidt, Patrick Smith and Vlad Litvak. Edit by Vlad Litvak.


Eugen Enin went all Jaren Grob on us in Borklyn Zoo's latest vid named Stop smiling, with boards set up to transfer easier to rails. With a title...

MNSTR blade Pt. 2

In part II of the series, we meet the man behind MNSTR blade and talk about his crew, his city, and his place in the world. We even dragged out of...

MNSTR blade Pt. I

Part 1/6 of a series by Jo Zenk featuring the blade scene of Münster. Each edit comes with a section of a scene report compiled from long...

Up and Comers: Jo Zenk

The usual introductions start with the moment when you first met the guy to be interviewed. In this specific case I have to say, that I am not quite sure where I met Johannes the first time, but I am sure about the fact that as soon as I got to know him a little I hated him instantly. Never would I ever hang out with that guy. Life can teach you tough lessons and the one that I was taught when it comes to Johannes Zenk is, that you should never judge someone on first sight.

Jo Zenk – “WHAT LUCK?!” Spring Edit 2011

Remz flow rider Johannes Zenk is one of Germany´s biggest talents these days! Jo has so much energy when rolling that sometimes you get scared he might burst into flames within the next second! Prepare to see a lot more of him in the future, cuz this guy delivers! Count on it!

Cult Logic Montage

Daniel Gourski comes up with a sweet edit featuring: Brian Aragon, Maik Lojewski (Borken),Sidney Hansen (Hamburg),Moritz Grenzdörfer...

Grindhouse Tour – Scandinavia

Check out this sweet Grindhouse Tour report from the last summer. Daniel Prell, Timm Kittlitz, Maik Lojewski, Alex Rudolf, Kenth Ulvedal, Chris Piotrowicz, Sascha Krautz and me travelled through Sweden and Denmark to get footage for the upcoming Grindhouse Tour DVD 2010. The DVD is finalized and available now. Here you will see the exclusive tour trailer and the most remarkable statements by everybody who travelled with us. us.