An Interview with Adapt Co-Founder Pieter Wijnant

After months of speculation online, the Adapt brand was officially brought to life at this year's Winterclash. Since the contest, things have been a little quiet on their front so we wanted to find out what they've been cooking up. Is our industry ready for high end handmade leather and carbon/kevlar footwear, and has everything worked out according to their plan so far? Or have Adapt closed up shop, sold 500 pairs of skates but never shipped a single pair and vanished into thin air? We were eager to find out more and we're pleased to hear that they're still here, humble and focused as ever...

Year One of Adapt Brand and the Be-mag collaboration skate

Adapt Brand was founded in 2012 by Pieter Wijnant and Olga Bouwhuis and was officially launched at last year's Winterclash. The Dutch based company is still going strong and they are releasing new and improved models for 2013. Be-mag took some time to speak with the pair at their office in Den Haag to discuss the growing pains of a new blade company, product innovations as well as the collaboration with Be-mag on our limited edition 15th anniversary boot.

Rik van Huik 2012 Edit for Adapt

Rik van Huiks new Adapt edit just dropped, check it out! Filmed by Olga Bouwhuis, Pieter Wijnant, Ben Harmanus, Thijs Tel, Erik Droogh, Vivien Butot, and Koen van Rijn.

[MAG] May 2012

The new [MAG] is online! 98 pages full of street photos, a Ryan Claus profile and an interview with mister Adapt, Pieter Wijnant.

Checking in with Adapt Brand

In November of last year we introduced Adapt to the world in form of our Company Profiles. A little less than three months later we figured it would be time to check back in with them to get an update on the progress they've made in the meantime. Adapt co-founder Pieter Wijnant fills us in about recent additions to the team, them planning to premier a certain boot at Winterclash, availability and pricing information, as well as their vision of even more Dutch skating companies in the future.

Company Profile: adapt

You may have heard of this new skate brand from the Netherlands, 'adapt'. You may also already be friends with them on facebook. If the latter is the case, you might have noticed that they weren't providing too much info about what they were actually brewing over there in Holland. Well, this now changes with this very Company Profile on Be-Mag. Olga Bouwhuis and Pieter Wijnant founded adapt 20 months ago because they saw potential for hand crafted skates made from high quality materials. And here they are now, explaining to us where this has taken them so far.

Hello again: The Adapt Vegan II Be-Mag Edition

We are proud to announce the Adapt Vegan II Be-Mag Edition, our second collaboration with Adapt Brand as part of Be-Mag's 15 Years Anniversary! This is a big deal for everyone that's in the market for new skates for summer, and also a great treat for everyone that enjoys some good looking product as these things are stunners!

Introducing the Chimera × Be-Mag Collaboration Wheels

2013 is the year of collaborations in the Blading industry and Be-Mag is at the helm of this movement. We're proud to introduce another effort to grow and strenghten our sport by teaming up with Germany based wheel company Chimera to release another great product, the Chimera × Be-Mag Collaboration Wheels.