‘Meet Your Maker’: A Video by Taylor Popham & Quintin Lamb

After six months of steady heshing all across Tennessee, 'Meet Your Maker' has now been released. Fueled by a thousand spliffs and one hundred cases, Ray Kronenberg, Taylor Popham, Hunter Harper, Quintin Lamb, Zach Tierce and the homies were able to raise the gnar bar once again.

‘Maybe Next Time’ – A Blade Flick by Julian Mire

A skate video with footage from 2011 starring Zach Leavell, Ray Kronenberg and Julian Mire. The video also features Jon Huffaker, Chad Anthony, Jon Heibert, Storm Trogdon, Taylor Popham and the rest of the crew. Edited by Julian Mire with help from Zach Leavell.

‘Stairway To Shreddin’ Leftovers by Hawke Trackler

Hawke Trackler just uploaded these leftovers from the filming for his online video 'Stairway to Shreddin'. Skating by Matt Lyon, Eric Montealegre, Daniel Powell, Reed Huston, Bruce Bales, Ray Kronenberg, Kyle Wood, Aaron Pyle, Codee Jennings, Alex Hancook, and Matt Plasencia.