ACF NYC Competition going down on 4th of June

It was extremely important to ACHOSEN-FEW.COM to put on a competition in NYC this year. This city has one of the biggest scenes around and it is constantly growing. There has been so many great competitions in NYC and Chosen Few wants to continue those footsteps. So with the help of Ray Mendez and I ROLL NY we were able to get something organized.

Billy O’Neill on the NYC Street Invite 2011

Announced just a few weeks ago, the upcoming NYC Street Invite is set to leave a lasting impression. Our contributor Ryan Loewy talked with Billy O'Neill about the new real street competition the best bladers in the industry have been invited to compete in.

ACHOSEN-FEW.COM 2011 Street Comps Announcement

This year ACHOSEN-FEW.COM is throwing 10 street comps around the world. We have competitions in California, Atlanta, New York, England, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Utah. We have some great local organizers for each competition who are the reasons that this series is possible.

“Fitted” Premiere in New York City

Friday February 11th, 2011 had arrived and the majority of the Tri-State area's rolling family was in attendance for the highly anticipated premiere of the film "Fitted". The Millennium Theatre which seats 100 people comfortably was now packed and ready for showtime. "Fitted", which is the 2nd film from Joseph Perez and, was compiled with some of the best talent that New York and New Jersey has to offer.

Interview with Miguel Ramos

Miguel is one of the most incredible people I know. His heart is as big as the universe. As good as it gets! His skating has been incredibly good since I can remember. Miguel have been skating for 17 years without stopping! One of the few. He has done so much for the blading community in Puerto Rico, that I dont even know how to be grateful but to tell you that he is one of the best bladers out there that can make a difference in the world. Good people like him is hard to find. If there aren't people like him I dont think there would be a skating scene in Puerto Rico. For years he has been the organizer of multiple events and competitions that keep the blading community in PR united and motivated to keep on rolling. If someone in Puerto Rico needs to be recognize in the blading community, definitely, has to be Miguel Ramos.

Valo4Life NYC Premiere

Saturday, November 27th, 2010 was the night of the highly anticipated fourth installment to the We Are Valo series titled Valo4Life, directed by Ivan Narez. This would take place in the Helen Mills Theater which is located on w26th st in Manhattan. NYC was ready for what the internet buzz calls ”One of the greatest skate movies to date”. The event which has been generated a lot of talk via facebook, was organised by Victor Callender who organizes such events as Last Man Standing, Battle My Crew and Let’s Roll NY sessions. As I walked into the theatre, the first object I notice is the Valo4life billboard which is positioned at the foot of the steps.