First Flight by Remy Cadier ft. Edwin Wieringh, Hans Hardonk & Roel Verhoeven

I just bought a DJI Phantom this week and took my first couple of flights around the neighbourhood with my GoPro Hero 3 Black attached to its undercarriage Unfortunately Holland is very windy, which made it hard to get smooth images right off the bat. I also filmed a small session with Edwin Wieringh, Hans Hardonk and Roel Verhoeven on Amsterdam’s newest skatespot, the Wittedewithstraat Curb. Here I shot some extra footage using a Canon 5d MarkII and the GoPro Hero 2. These were my first times going up with this new little camerahelicopter, and while filming a church in Ransdorp the heavy wind took the Phantom right out of my sights, but luckily the ‘return to home function’ worked perfect. It did give me a few moments of cold sweat though. I can’t wait to improve my flying skills, and start flying on some really hard to reach spots! My partner in crime Axel van Dijk has also just purchased the DJI Phantom, so expect much more fly edits to come some time soon.

Remy Cadier 36 Years Edit

I turn 36 today, and in honor of this milestone I present you with my profile from the Amsterdam 2012 video. My 37 edit will be off the chain, only drop kinkrails, and totally animated in 3D! -Remy Cadier

Official Be-Mag Winterclash 2013 Edit by Remy Cadier

On Saturday evening, a simple scarf helped Dominik Wagner throw down a hammer so big, Thor got jealous. Charging over and over at a safety barrier-handrail-quarter transfer was getting frustrating, until a CampHolland hooligan ran up. He threw the legendary Svenergy scarf around Dominik's neck and the result? A thousand shouting, partying rollerbladers and one of the gnarliest tricks of the day. The perfect moment for Sven Boekhorst's final Winterclash and a main highlight of the event.

‘Blackout’ feat. Sven Boekhorst by Axel van Dijk & Remy Cadier

'Blackout' was filmed in only two days in an old building in which the new Den Bosch skatepark was being built. The unfinished skate obstacles in the park were used to incorporate the Mind the Gap setup and the 'Cityhopper' ramp to add trick possibilities. Other attributes used to create this video were glow in the dark paint, LED-lights, a smoke-machine, a motorcycle, industrial lighting and a bungee cord. Axel van Dijk and Remy Cadier present Sven Boekhorst in 'Blackout'.

Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong!

When you speak of rollerblading, Amsterdam, or a combination of both, there is one person and one person only who embodies these exact things, Remy Cadier. I have known him for years now, but I still can't tell you which of his two passions he would choose if he had to, but it might not be his girlfriend. Mr. Cadier turned 35 years of age today. The Ajax fanboy without an Ajax season ticket symbolizes persistence, loving what you do and putting in blood, sweat and tears, something we all know and live as rollerbladers.

Olderblading v2.0 Edit by Beau Cottington

The old guys are at it again! Check out v2 of "Olderblading" featuring Drew Bachrach, Borja Fernandez, Eric Schrijn, Robert Lievanos, Louie Zamora, Dave Paine, Chris Calkins, Geoff Acers, Marek Doniec, Remy Cadier, Andy Kruse, Tom Hyser, Erick Garcia, Kennan Scott, Kevin Chow, Matt Hermanek, Mark Neppl, and several more. -Beau Cottington

[MAG] May 2013

[MAG] May 2013 is here and brings you Visies with Randy Abels, Marnix in Gran Canaria and a Remy Cadier feature!

Amsterdam Week: The 2012 Amsterdam Rollerblading Video

This is the latest attempt in bringing it back to how it used to be, from the biggest and baddest O.G. in the Amsterdam rolling game. Twenty-plus minutes of no-bullshit hardcore street skating in and around Amsterdam from the Dutch blading hoodlums that you know best: Daan Hegt, Randy Abels, Tyron Ballantine, Terrence Buyne, Ryan Claus, Donny Duracel, Dick Heerkens, Sven Boogie and more of these lovely gents. Handcrafted, cooked up and spiced extra saucy for your pleasure by our shepherd of skating, Remy Cadier. Ajax de beste.

[MAG] December 2012

A Remy Cadier profile, an interview with Tim Haars and an Aberdeen spotcheck is the main content of this months [MAG]!

Living Proof – Trailer #1

Rollerblading and hiphop combined, now finally in the making in the form of a short flick, „Living Proof“. Featuring a soundtrack provided by DJ DNS and some of the finest rollerbladers that Holland has to offer. Starring: Edwin Wieringh, Joery van de Pol, Tyron Ballantine, Adil Farhouni, Giorgio Oehlers, Erwin Bakker and many more. Video captured by: Axel van Dijk & Remy Cadier Video captured by: Axel van Dijk & Remy Cadier


From the creative minds of Randy Abels and Remco vd Pol, here's Patspang P2. More parking lot skating in rainy Holland from more than a few...