Brian Arnold USD Classic Throne Profile 2013

This is the new 2013 Brian Arnold profile. He is skating the USD Classic Throne. We took our time stacking clips for this section while Brian finished up his last year of College. We dealt with everything from drug-infested neighborhoods, Camera malfunctions, injuries, multiple hangovers, shit weather from 15 to 115 degrees, and anything else you imagine could happen when a Yankee filmer raised in New York and a southern beer-drinking good ole boy from Texas team up to make movie magic in Baltimore. -Nick Pisciotta

Summer Trip To Woodward with Brian Arnold

Brian Arnold and I headed up to Woodward east this summer. We had planned to have fellow USD Team riders Tim Phang and Jeff Dalnas meet us there but at last minute they both weren't able to make it..We hope to get back to Woodward and make the full USD edit we had hoped for sometime soon. We still had a great time skating with the campers, Woodward staff and the Fuel Tv crew who are mostly bladers in case you didn't know.. -Nick Pisciotta

Brian Arnold: Razors Flow

Razors is proud to introduce his newest flow team member Brian Arnold. Brian is happy he has been given credit for his skating. So because of that he went out of his way to come up with an extraordinary street edit. Make sure you take a look at this.

USD Woodward East Edit feat. Dalnas, Livingston, Cudot and more

Jeff Dalnas, Tim Phang, Brian Arnold, Dan Breuer, Mike Koliner, and I invaded Woodward taking over Bud’s Barn for days at a time to film for this project. With filming coming to a close I received word that Montre Livingston was joining the USD team and Julien Cudot was coming from France to spend a week at Woodward. We were able to take one more trip and get footage of the crew with Montre and Julien. -Nick Pisciotta

‘Monsters’ by Craig Smith

Craig Smith put out another edit entitled 'Monsters' featuring Matthias Ogger, Cameron Wesson, Tien Nguyen, Jarrod Thackerey, Hayden Golder, Rian Arnold, and Gav Drumm. Filmed by Craig Smith and Jon Jenkins. Enjoy!

Halloween Edit with your favorite Pros

Watch your favorite pros killing it in their Halloween edit! Featuring John Bolino, Chris Farmer, Iain Mcleod, Billy O'Neill, Chris Haffey, Rian Arnold, Colin Kelso, Chris Farmer, Damien Wilson, and Chris Edwards.

USD Carbon 2 Montage by Nick Pisciotta

This is a montage of some of my homies skating the USD Carbon 2's. Filmed in Washington Dc, Maryland, Baltimore, VA, RI, and Cali. Featuring Jeff Dalnas, Tim Phang, Brian Arnold and Dan Breuer. - Nick Pisciotta