The 2011 Archives by Kyle Guzman

This edit by Kyle Guzman recaps some cool moments of blading in 2011. Check out the skating of Anthony Dieandrea, Chris McCormick, Jeff Levin, Kyle Guzman himself, Matthias St. John, Rick Pecora Rob Scallon, Rory Melehan, and Spencer Eckl. Have a nice weekend!

Chicago Bladin’ by Malcolm Heard

There's so much awesomeness in this edit it's almost ridiclulous. Blading by Nick Labarre, Thinh Le, Quinn Barnett, Matthias St.John, Paul John, Rory Melehan, Matt Ladewski, Collin Martin, Dale Patomania, Milan Calabrese, Matt Luda, Malcolm Heard, Sean Darst, Kristian Claros, Brian Bina. Filmed and edited by Malcolm Heard

In Depth Review on “Abstract Art 2” by Quinn Feldman

The man in charge of ACHOSEN-FEW.COM, Quinn Feldman, just sent in this contribution. He called it "in depth review" and that isn’t understated at all. Be warned, you’ll probably bust out the credit card about halfway through and place your order of "Abstract Art 2" at your favorite shop right away.

The Windy City Riot 2010

In 2010, the Windy City Riot's 9th year running, it will be bigger and crazier than ever. The purse is guaranteed to be at least $1,000 and the comp...