Yinzer Blading: Volume 1

"We were not trying to make a video. I just started editing something, and it turned into Yinzer Blading Volume 1." Well, if this is what happens when Bruce Bales is "just editing," then I am excited to see what he comes up with when he has something planned. Take this fifteen minute journey through the streets of Pittsburgh and California, guided by soulful hiphop beats and interludes, and let this movie work its way into you. Featuring sections of Ryan Parker, Cody Reffner, Brandt Pickup, and a lot more, this will not let you down.

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The third installment of Yinzer Blading wraps up both the YB trilogy and my time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For over seven years, I have been an honorary Yinzer, and this online project is my parting gift to those who explored the city with me. Exploring Pittsburgh is what this video is really about. Our crew has seen more of the City of Pittsburgh than most people who have lived there since birth.

Pittsburgh Edit September 2010

Featuring: Mike Koliner, Jeremiah Dougherty, Chris Shields, Bruce Bales, Ryan Saylor, Andrew Dipaolo, Josh Mastele, Brant Pickup, Jay Snow, Shane...