Scribe Industries: Eric Miller Summer 2013 Edit

Eric Miller has been a valuable staple to Scribe Industries since he was asked to join back three years ago. He has proven to consistently produce and progress while serving for the Army Reserves. He is easily one of the best tour guides and spot builders in the industry and joining him in a blade session is an absolute pleasure, so try to schedule a session with him as soon as possible! -Daniel Fabiano, Scribe Industries

Scribe Industries: Jon Fromm Am File #3

Mr. Fromm definitely exceeded limitations in this piece! Perfection and control should be his real first and middle name. Check out this edit, it surely is one for the books. Support Jon and Scribe Industries by purchasing the new Signature AM v1 wheel now available around the globe! -Daniel Fabiano, Scribe Industries

Scribe Industries: Kirill Galushko Pro Wheel Edit

Kirill has been a shining example of how hard work, dedication and professionalism pays off. Since being added to the Scribe family in 2011 he has boosted international sales in his region, represents the brand world-wide at every event he attends, and proves to keeping pushing his own limitations and boundaries for the growth of our sport. Keep your eyes on Kirill Galushko, for he is a stepping stone for international visibility and growth. -Daniel Fabiano, Scribe Industries owner

Scribe Industries: Brett Dasovic Introductory Profile

We are super eager to announce the newest addition to the Scribe family. This person has been a staple name in the industry for at least a decade, and is one of the most loyal and hard-working individuals in the game. His dedication and drive is bar-none and we are excited to have him become a part of the Scribe family. e would like to introduce Brett Dasovic as our most recently added professional to the Scribe Industries brand! -Daniel Fabiano

Scribe Industries: Eric Miller Support File #3

Eric is an east coast renegade! Mr. Miller is always pushing his boundaries, building the most incredible spots, and overall just enjoying rollerblading in every regard. A definite pioneer of the east coast. Mr. Miller always seems to turn heads. Start spinning yours and gander over this edit. -Daniel Fabiano

Scribe Industries: Kevin Lapierre AM Edit #1

Scribe Industries proudly introduces a new Am rider to the family, Mr. Kevin Lapierre! Scribe is blessed to have such a talented individual both on and off the blades. With the growing popularity underneath his name, and massive support from his peers and friends all over Canada, Kevin makes a great addition to the new Scribe Industries. Enjoy this edit, as Kevin shows ease and creativity on most every obstacle he takes on. -Daniel Fabiano

Scribe Industries: Eric Miller Support File #2

Immediately coming back from duty, Eric pushed out a section within a few weeks. The kid never stops! He is like a clapping monkey that is all wound up. Mr. Miller has more energy and motivation then most of the known shredders. He also finds and makes the best spots. -Daniel Fabiano