Won In 60 Seconds: A Powerblading Video Contest

Powerblading.org is presenting their online video contest entitled Won In 60 Seconds in cooperation with Xsjado, USD, Kizer and Undercover. Great opportunity for everyone on big wheels! Find more info on the flyer below!

Revolution 90 Seconds: Keaton Newsom

Style is more than just making your tricks look good, the way Keaton Newsom carries himself defines his style. He is making it look so easy. Also, very, very impressive gaps. Enjoy!

Revolution 90 Seconds: James Johnson

How could I put into words who James Johnson is to me? James is someone that I feel blessed to share experiences on this planet with. A human being that inspires me to better myself. A dude, that I would fly out to Arizona to hang out with, even if I can't skate cause I have a busted shin. Yes, he owns a skate shop. Yes, he has been the back bone of one of the healthiest skate scenes in America. Yes, he has had hundreds of people staying in his home so they could come skate in AZ, but for me James is way more than the sum of what he did or did not. For me, James Johnson is a friend, a brother (even if I am not close to being Native). As for his skating, I will let the 90 seconds speak for itself. -Mathieu Ledoux

Revolution 90 Seconds: Travis Rhodes

Travis Rhodes is a powerhouse. He charges, and fully commits to what he's doing. He'll surprise you with his big bag of tricks. He's not limited, he has the ability to skate literally whatever is put in front of him. Travis also never accepts anything half-ass, he expects a lot out of himself. He looks a lot older than he really is, which is a good thing. Travis is just getting started, he has everything in front of him. He has "it" and he's on his way. -Revolution Skate Shop

Revolution 90 Seconds: Matthias Ogger

Matthias is a skater who's earned his respect. He's been skating hard for years, and he's paid the price. Ogger is a skater you enjoy being around. He has a fresh attitude, and he always says the funniest thing at the right moment. Matthias has no delusions about skating, he knows what he wants, and skates the way that feels right. His approach to skating reveals what you like best about him – Matthias has a style like no other.

Revolution 90 Seconds: Brian Bina

Watch at your own risk. You probably want to go to Arizona to skate with Bina and the rest of the Revolution dudes really badly after you've finished this. I am looking up flights simultaneously while typing this.