Sven Boekhorst talking about his ‘CityHopper’ Project + Trailer

With so many rolling edits out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with something unique and exciting. In recent years it seems like the only way to get noticed is to go bigger than anyone has gone before or add in that extra rotation before landing on a rail. Over the past year Sven Boekhorst and his team have been working on a different approach on how they could grab everyone's attention, both inside the skate world as well as outside our cozy realm. What they came up with was a project called 'CityHopper'. In an attempt to take things to a different level the outcome truly shines as unique. Sven was really open to letting us in on this little secret that he had been hiding. Take some time to read up and find out what exactly 'CityHopper' is all about. We think you will be just as pleased as we were. 

Adam Johnson on CHARG!NG, Piracy and ‘The 20 Project’

Adam Johnson takes high risks to deliver the best skating possible all the way to your living room. Selling all his belongings to fund a flick and living in a van for months on end to film for your new favorite videos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many sacrifices this guy makes. No wonder he gets pissed when someone steals his and his peers' hard work. Read more about his opinions on intellectual property and find out more about his latest brainchild 'The 20 Project' which will feature some of the most interesting skaters of the sport.

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