Now Playing: Shred ‘Til You’re Dead II

Thanks to postal services fucking up and my DVD player being out of order, by the time this review goes up online, you will all have watched the Shred 'Til You're Dead II video several times already. And that's just fine actually, as I won't have to tell you how good the skating is, how well it was filmed and put together by Ivan Narez, nor how amazing this whole trip seemed to be. This will only leave me with more space to focus on what makes STYD II truly unique: the book it all comes with.

‘Shred ‘Til You’re Wed’ by Ivan Narez

'Shred 'Til You're Wed' documents another gathering of the Shred crew. The boys were back together again for a good ol' fashioned bachelor camping party. A few days before the wedding, the crew cruised through central Oregon and explored some of the parks they missed on the other Shred strips. After a few days on the road of the usual Shred shenanigans – blading, beers, and buds – they arrived in Portland just in time to help a fellow amigo, Ross Kuhn, tie the knot. -Brian Krans