Steve Steinmetz: One Minute One Spot

Even though I had lived in Solana beach, the first year I moved to San Diego back in 2003 I never knew about this school. I found this school just a few weeks ago and just started messing around on the ledge to see what I could do. Then I started looking at other aspects of the spot like the huge roots coming out of the ground in the center of the planter and the side ledge. The rails at the entrance of the school did not have much runway but they were still skate able too. I had my tricks all planned out and wanted to start filming the next day.

A chosen few pre comp edit

New spot steve (aka Steve Steinmetz) and Quinn Feldman are looking for the spots to hit during the achosen few street competition in San Diego. Watch out for a story about the comp coming up in a few days here on be-mag.

Amsterdam Week: Edwin Wieringh Interview

You don't just get the name 'From Hell' replaced with your actual, Dutch farmers name. This is a level of awesome that has to be worked hard for. You will have to put all principles and dignity aside, you will have to know no shame and you must act fearles at all times. Simply put, you have to not give a fuck and pull hardcore stunts on even more terrifying spots. So you can understand why us Dutch folk round here take great pride in the fact that Edwin 'From Hell' Wieringh is one of ours.

A different view on the San Diego Blade Scene

Recently a recent guest of our city ran an article entitled “San Diego Scene Report” that ruffled a few feathers around here. His article featured very few of the skaters, industry and importance that san diego has in rollerblading. I’ve lived here my whole life and have been a part of the SD blade scene for over 15 years. So when the boys over here asked me to do the real scene report, I thought that I could do a little better, and pay some tribute to perhaps the most important city in our sport.