Tad Tregeagle Edit by WLTR

TJ is Utahs next generation of rollerblading. This kid is steadfast and has a style in his skating that you can't help but notice. Confident and clean in all aspects. I love how rad he makes our sport look. If you catch him anywhere on his blades his talent automatically steals your attention and what's even greater is how much fun you can tell he's having. Kid loves rollerblading and our sport is lucky to have him. -Tory Treseder

Introducing… Tad John Tregeagle

I ran into Tad for the first time at a local skatepark I used to skate by myself while I was going to college. I had skated that park for months without ever seeing another rollerblader. It took me by surprise when I showed up and there were bladers there that killed it, yet I had never met them before.

We Are One Skatepark Team Riders at the AIL 2011 Championships

Over the weekend of November 4-5, the We Are One Skatepark team riders went out to Woodward West for the 2011 AIL World Championships. They were mobbin' deep with Justin Mousley, Tad Tregeagle, Jon Easy, Tony Rivituso, Chris Napoleon, Richie Rodriguez, Mat Farnworth, and Zach Nelson. This was their experience out at Woodward West and as per usual they were stomping every feature at the park. Enjoy watching this edit and keep you eyes open for a new We Are One riders section, coming soon.

Dayshapes by Erik Bill – Promo Edit

Dayshapes is a video by Erik Bill featuring Chris Olpin, Ross Kuhn, Ty Acuff, Geoff Phillip, JT Truitt, Gavin Fitch, Corey Grubb, Justin Mousley, Tad Tregeagle, Jay Whitmore, Eli Dorsey, Tyler Schmidt and many other talented bladers. Dayshapes is available now – get it at the Be-Mag shop!


Two weeks late, we finally managed to properly go through SLCDVX. Thank you again, Geoff Phillip, for taking the time to put it together because it's...