The NDN: Dyin’ Crapshooter Blues Edit

Outstanding edit by Erik Bill with many sick tricks including skaters like Erik Bailey, Cameron Card, Dan Dickerson amongst others. After watching this you'll ask yourself how you were able to handle so much steez.

Erik Bill NDN Onliner

Erik Bill compiled a quick little edit with some recent footage he had on his computer. Check out how his awesome stye as he rips the streets apart. Enjoy!

“Dayshapes” by Erik Bill – Interview & Final Trailer

Erik Bill has been working tirelessly over the last few months to complete his most recent video "Dayshapes" which features profiles on Cameron Card, Dan Dickerson, Nicholas Swan, Phil Davidson, Jeff Stanger, Erik Bailey and himself. Read this interview by Cameron Card to find out more about the project and how juiced Erik is to bring you his latest release. Oh, and there's another trailer, too.