Tien Nguyen – Vine St

Dominic West also posted up Tien Nguyen's section from the 'Vine St' DVD. Tien has already shown in the past that he has got what it makes to be a good skater. Even when he falls he will get up again to try the same trick again and lace it with style.

Tien Nguyen: Vine St by Dom West

Check out Tien Nguyens section from Vine St editted by Dom West. As always you can expect nothing but the best from Vine St. And this time there is no difference. Enjoy!

‘Monsters’ by Craig Smith

Craig Smith put out another edit entitled 'Monsters' featuring Matthias Ogger, Cameron Wesson, Tien Nguyen, Jarrod Thackerey, Hayden Golder, Rian Arnold, and Gav Drumm. Filmed by Craig Smith and Jon Jenkins. Enjoy!