Travis Rhodes: Create Originals One-Minute Jam

Ohio gets a fresh taste of Travis as he throws together a little something-something for you to get excited about. Backed by the support of Create Originals this one-minute jam gets the rockstar in you pumped and ready to roll.

Revolution 90 Seconds: Travis Rhodes

Travis Rhodes is a powerhouse. He charges, and fully commits to what he's doing. He'll surprise you with his big bag of tricks. He's not limited, he has the ability to skate literally whatever is put in front of him. Travis also never accepts anything half-ass, he expects a lot out of himself. He looks a lot older than he really is, which is a good thing. Travis is just getting started, he has everything in front of him. He has "it" and he's on his way. -Revolution Skate Shop

‘Pariah’ Montage

KC Roche, Adam Exline, Kruise Sapstein, Andrew Jacuzzi, David Sizemore, Chris Dafick, and Travis Rhodes hold it down in this part from Pariah.

Video: ‘The Hooligan Project’

'The Hooligan Project' is a rollerblading video from Blake Cohen and Zach Flugum. It features skating by Brett Dasovic, Kevin Melan, Michael Garlinghouse, Chris Farmer, Billy O'Neill, Alex Broskow, Travis Rhodes, Adam Exline and more.

‘Dreambender’ by Ryan Buchanan

Ryan wanted to do an edit to this song for long. And he did. Skating by Alex Braunagel, Luke Kimberly, Ryan Daily, Sergio Ybarra, Andrew Scherf, Josh Morgan , Casey Mcfarland, Chad Hornish, Jacey Heimer, Kenny Scherf, and Travis Rhodes.

‘Evil Never Dies’ Promo by Devan Stewart

'Evil Never Dies' is a Arizona video featuring profiles on Xathan Stewart, Alec Gentile, Brian Khonsu Bina, Travis Rhodes, Andrew Jawnstoned, Britt Myslinski, the Dwayne, and Cory Miller. This promo looks super awesome, check it out!

Abstract Art II: Full Video

It is time for yet another high quality video! Abstract Art II, a film by Andrew Kazlauskas, is blowing you away behind your computer. Epic filming, sick tricks, and painful bails, they are all there to fill that piece in your brain that needs it's daily dose of street skating. Abstract Art II features profiles on Logan Clark, Michael Froemling, Travis Rhodes, PJ Pienack, Mike Bober and many, many more. The spot selection made for this film is as epic as the tricks performed on them. Sit back and enjoy!

The Prelude to PWC2: Shoes with Wheels by The Pull Skateshop

The Prelude brought to you by The Pull skate shop. Chicagos only skate shop. All spots are filmed in Chicago. Featuring sections of Angelo V. Margentina, Travis Rhodes, Sebas Seufferheld, Jonathan Seufferheld, Matthias St. John, and the Chicago heads GL-Joe skated with this summer.

The Hooligan Project: Trailer by Zach Flugum

Check out the trailer of The Hooligan Project, a new skate video from Blake Cohen and Zach Flugum. The video features profiles on Jeph Howard, Brett Dasovic, Michael Garlinghouse, and Kevin Meland and there is additional skating by Chris Farmer, Sean Kelso, Billy O'Neill, Alex Broskow, Franco Cammayo, Corey Glanville, Jeff Dahmen, Travis Rhodes, Blake O'Brien, Shane McClay, and Adam Exline. Enjoy!

Evil Trailer… Lets Get Evil

‘Evil’ will be dropping soon. The video showcases profiles on Xathan Stewart, Alec Tim Gentile, Brian Bina, Travis Rhodes and Cory “Frodo” Miller. Check out the trailer, but be sure not to get caught up in what's going on or else you to…will become…evil… This is one you'll be sure to desire sinking a knife into.

“The Worst Summer” by Paul John

Really weak edit featuring the worst dudes. Namely Andrew Jacuzzi, Quintin Lamb, Hunter Harper, Taylor Popham, Dallas Wilson, Zach Tierce, Travis Rhodes and Paul John. Filmed and edited by Paul John.

Quick Shred 2 by Malcolm Heard

Nice flow in this edit by Malcolm Heard that features blading by Dylan Davis, Thinh Le, Brian Bina, Dean Coward, Matt "Foz" Langel, Quintin Lamb, Zach Tierce, Andrew Jacuzzi, Hunter Harper, Taylor Popham, Travis Rhodes, Malcolm Heard and Dallas Wilson.

Mix Blade Montage by Sean Kelso

Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso, Alex Broskow, Adam Exline, Joey Longstreth, Travis Rhodes, Kc Roche, Pat Doherty, Michael Collins & Paul John all in one edit. This must be good, eh? Filmed in Philadelphia, Kansas City & Chicago over the past year by Sean Kelso.

AZ Park Edit by Devan Stewart

This really cool park edit features Travis Rhodes, Brian Bina, Mike Dritlein, Malcom Heard, Xathan Stewart, Cory Miller, Matthew Goik, Britt Myslinski, Sergio Ybarra and Devan himself.

ARIZONA by Andrew Nemiroski

Beautiful video featuring skating of Brian Bina, Alec Gentile, Travis Rhodes, James Johnson, Xathan Stewart, Gary Murphy, Chad Caroselli, Andrew Johnston, Cody Sanders and Andrew Nemiroski.