‘Texas Blading’: A Video by Kristian Payne

'Texas Blading' is an online rollerblading short film covering all of the talent across the state of Texas. This film highlights rollerbladers from Dallas to Austin to Houston and in between. Featuring split sections from Troy Maimone and Keaton Newsom as well as Josh Glowicki and Fritz Peitzner. Filmed and Edited by Kristian Payne.

Trailers for ‘Dag Days’ by Anthony Medina

'Dag Days' is my latest all Texas video featuring full sections on Ian Freunscht, Josh Glowicki, Logan Harlan, Fritz Peitzner, Ryan Rasmussen, Cody Sanders, and Rob Zbranek. Also featuring Brady Johnston, Troy Maimone, Mason Richard, William Isaac, Julian Isaac, Josh Navarifar, and many more. DVDs are available now! If your shop of choice doesn't have Dag Days, tell them to carry it! -Anthony Medina