Vicious Team Video Intro section – Jan Welch

Jan Welch recently moved back to his hometown of Austin, TX from sunny San Diego. He's just posted up some vintage blading from Rat-Tail for the world to enjoy. Check out the Vicious bearings team video "Sleeze" intro.

New NIMH & Vicious Euro Lines

If you're from Europe and in need for new clothing to be able to withstand the cold weather that's coming up, you should check out the new NIMH and Vicious lines. Sporting fresh designs on high quality cotton, we're sure this stuff is for everyone. You don't even need to skate NIMHs or be all that vicious to rock this gear.

New Vicious European Summer line 2010

Swank Distribution just announced the new Vicious European line. The line was done in cooperation with Euro team rider Enanoh from Spain, who worked on these designs. There are two new designs for this line, which will be available in 3 colors - as a t-shirt and as a tank top for these hot summer days.

Competition Report: Laced Comp 2013

“It’s alright, just my fingers innit!” That statement came from Jake Ricketts, after falling far and fast to the concrete, breaking two fingers and going back to nail the trick and the AM first place. It pretty much sums up the badassery that rollerblading in general and the UK scene in particular is so proud of, and it was on full display at Laced weekend.

Dirk Oelmann: Devoted to Blading

Dirk Oelmann devoted his life to blading; in return, it's time we devote a bit of our time to him. The German blader and fashion-designer is featured in a video that has been selected for a film festival called WEBCUTS in Berlin. Voting is still open for this nice little documentary where he opens the doors to his work and life, as well as shredding the streets of Berlin!

“Back from the Dead Tour” through Australia

»The "Back From The Dead Tour" consisted of 20 rollers in 3 vehicles going from the "Victorian Titles" in Melbourne on October 23rd, up to the 8th installment of the annual "Right 2 Roll" street contest in Brisbane 7 days later on the 30th, some 2000km/1300miles north.«

Mark Stamer: One Minute One Spot

Meeting Mark Stamer in Hamburg for a session this year, you could feel certain that this guy would amaze you once more. Not only with his flawless skating but with his friendly and humble personality as well. Some things just won't change. It's been long overdue that one can get a HD-view of his skating again here on Be-Mag. Not like Mark has been out of the game or something... He probably was just too busy doing some decent scientific research or getting his Nosepress game on. So check out the One Minute One Spot that he dropped at the Wilhelmsburg Banks this summer.

Paco Rey: One Minute One Spot

Here we go with another One Minute One Spot edit straight from Spain. Paco Rey (Nimh flow) met up with Marc 'Enanoh' Moreno one day and filmed this within 30 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage from Paco and Enanoh since most of the streets in Spain are still free (not covered in snow).

VFT Meeting 2 – Skate Jam

Soulskate comes up with another skate jam on October the 9th at the skatepark in Pecs / Hungary. There will be a pro and amateur contest and the...

Three lines with Nils Jansons

I will be just repeating myself by writing that this youngster has mad skills, raw talent and an awesome brother who is a professional video editor which as we all know is crucial to get some good recognition. Yet even the best conditions for developing a rollerblading 'career' are nothing without your own will and love for the sport. Nils has both, there is no doubt about it. While I have to remind some of our team riders to send some clips or photos from time to time, Nils is bombing my e-mail box constantly with new stuff by himself. I'm sure he would be ripping with the same level even if he wouldn't have any sponsors or outside support. During tours Nils is always skating no matter what – bad spots, good spots, skate alone or with a large group of people – no problem with that. As he has just matured, a true rollerblader soul is fully awaken – skate hard and party even harder! I'm sure he is the right man in the right place - Nils Jansons is 18. Nils Jansons is in constant progress. Nils Jansons is the future...