Vinny Minton ‘Fruitbooter’ Profile

Freestyle Culture hooks it up with Vinny Minton's profile from Joe Navran's 'Fruitbooter'. Sick throwback section showing Vinny hitting tricks that still count as pro level blading today.

Rolling Artist: Vinny Minton

In the second installment of "Rolling Artist" we catch up with one of the most progressive videographers in the biz, Vinny Minton. Vinny talks about his career in cinematography, how he managed to get his name out when he started, sheds light onto key ingredients of good camera work, his work ethics and also draws a detailed picture of what he's up to next. His enthusiasm and high standards of quality reflect in his work and are important components of his success.

2012 Shields Skate Park Winter Edit by Sam DeAngelis

Throughout the long Winter on the East Coast, the Tri-State area spends Thurday nights at Shields Skate Park in Flemington, NJ. Skaters from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut drive out for the blade only session every week. Ever since Vinny Minton release the 2011 Pre Bittercold Showdown edit, I had been inspired to create a tribute to his creativity.

Bitter Cold Showdown 2012: Unseen Footage

Hush Hush Distribution comes up with some unseen clips featuring rollers like Jeff Dalnas, Mark Wojda, Demetrios George, Alex Broskow, Brandon Smith, Tracy White, JC Rowe, Brett Urbas, Brian Aragon, Vinny Minton and many more.

Invert the Polarity of the Neutron Flow!

The rolling community became aware of Vinny Minton´s skills as a videographer a long time ago! Today Vinny is known for his innovative methods and creative techniques even outside our small industry. Riftlabs - an open source project that seeks to develop and improve digital lighting solutions in the field of photography and videography - did benefit from his great work and support and that´s why a clip (01:05) of Vinny´s Pre Bittercold Showdown 2011 edit featuring Montre Livingston has been used for an official Riftlabs commercial. Check it out and go to and especially the linked blog for more information!

A day in long beach

Rollingupdates just posted up a new crazy edit produced by Vinny Minton. Seeing Vinny Minton in the production list is a great push. You know that this edit will rock the boat.