Bladermods Crüe 2012 Trailer by Zebastian Cassel

Check out the trailer for the Bladermods Crüe video, shot in Copenhagen, Åtvidaberg, Linköping, Norrköping, Malmö & Jönköping. Bladermods Crüe consists of Zebastian Cassel, Stephanie Midhammar, Julius Norrbom, Robin Bennett, Christofer Kohn & Young Gun Tobias Hellstrand.

Hangaren Spring Blade Jam 2012 Edit by Zebastian Cassel

We at Hangaren Hot Sport Center wanted to host a genuine blade jam to give the chance once in a while to just skate and throw down among friends with time to relax and hang out together. We had 'The Swedes' running on projector screen and a secondhand blade shop for everyone to make a buck or get some pre-used parts a bit cheaper then usual.

Zebastian Cassel 2011 [A tribute to Jimmy Dee]

My own 2011 profile, I wish to thank everyone I skated with this past spring/summer, everyone who held the camera, gave me a place to crash, gave me a seat in their car or motivated me. A special thanks to my beautiful fiancee, Julius Norrbom for making the intro and my parents for being so supportive along the way. -Zebastian Cassel

Two Days in Linköping with Zebastian Cassel & Fredrik Andersson

I had the fortune to get a call from Fredrik asking me if I wanted to skate with him for two days and make an edit out of it. So Freddy arrived on Monday and skated two days with me and I'm pretty stoked for the clips we got. Always good to hang with a good friend and shred some street. -Zebastian Cassel

Zebastian Cassel: One Minute One Spot

Zeb is one of my closest friends and he is always the one who helps me when I need something done. He is a very good filmer and editor. Zeb hasn’t been skating as long as we other old Wikings, but he has still become one of the most stylish skaters in Sweden by now. He has also made over a hundred rollerblading edits over the past 1-2 years, and if u go through them you will see what I mean with me saying he is a stylish skater! I wish him the best of luck and much love for the years ahead of him! I am sure we will see alot more from this Swedish killerbot in the future!

Perception by Zebastian Cassel (Intro)

Perception was my first big video project. I had done videos before but mainly for my buds or the local kids. This time i wanted to go for something bigger! The word "perception" was perfect for the title as it was supposed to show how i see swedish rollerblading and which swedish rollerbladers i enjoy watching. I had the pleasure of filming with guys like Fredrik Andersson (USD sweden) and Joachim Wall (RAZORS sweden) which helped me out alot when i wanted to raise the level of skating as they both are ridicoulously good! Just check out their sections and you´ll see. Christofer Kohn (Sweden), Kayd Anderson (Australia) and myself also have sections. The montages feature rollerbladers from pretty much everywhere including the guys from hedonskate and a lot of american rollerbladers. The filming took about a year and a half plus a few months of editing. But it was all worth it in the end! I´m overall really proud of the turnout and alot of people showed up for the releaseparty a few months ago. I hope that in the future I´ll be able to involve the perception family in new video projects aswell as adding a few more guys to the ranks. I wish to thank everyone who had anything to do with my project and bought the video which helped me raise money for my new camera. Rollerblading is all about perspective and this is mine. Enjoy! - Zebastian Cassel

Linköping Sessions #10 by Sebastian Cassel

Sweden has some good indoor skateparks in the City of Eskilstuna (ZeroOneSix skatepark) and Linköping (Hangaren Hot Sport center). In this edit you can see Zebastian Cassel, Fredrik Andersson, Joachim Wall, Linus Hellström and many more shredding it up indoor.