Our good friends Austin Paz and Billy O’Neill at The Jump Street Podcast are back with a surprising guest for their 44th episode! This episode they featured the legendary roller skater Amy West, or Indy Jamma Jones as she may be better known. Amy is a professional skater originally hailing from Pearland Texas who has made waves within the roller skating world for her work with her shop Planet Roller Skate and her informative YouTube tutorial videos. Austin and Billy sat down with Amy while they were on the west coast for the Blading Cup and talked with her about her roots skating in Texas, her reluctant transition from skater to business owner, her role as a skate instructor and how she has garnered such a huge online following.

If you enjoy skating in any form, this is a must watch episode for you! Amy has a wealth of knowledge that transcends the boundaries of inline skating and quad skating and will surely educate you on ways to grow skating within your community. So broaden your horizons and give it a watch!


Check out some excerpts from the episode here as well.

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