BLÆST by Shangri-La


Words and Photography by David Sizemore

FORMOSA premiere photographs by David Grant


There’s a lot to get used to when moving to a new country.

You have to get adjusted to a completely new rhythm and entirely different way of life.

I’ve constantly felt like I have so much back tracking I need to do just to get to a level point in conversation around me, which can be draining and isolating at times.



Most of us know this already, but skating has a way of alleviating that pressure when you’re around the right people, and can help you find a more secure position in an unfamiliar place. Somehow, the language of skating itself breaks through many barriers you run into on a normal basis, and sometimes can offer you some strange sort of purpose or outlook.

It’s a real meditation at times.


Scott Quinn | Top Porn


I’m fortunate to have such solid friends in places in the world
I never would’ve imagined I would’ve ended up in.

Friends that constantly motivate me not only with their character and taste in skating,
but who they are as people, and how they spend their energy and direction in life.




Cheers to all my dogs in Copenhagen right now, and for all the great times this past year.

This edit started out with us just filmin’ random sessions, and turned into something I don’t think any of us expected.

Just like it should be.




David Sizemore currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. See more of his video work here and follow him on Instagram here.