Photography by Stefanie Barthelmess

Joey Egan, Ireland

Jeremy Suarez, Belgium

Jeremy Kessler, Belgium

Blake Bird, Great Britain

Anthony Pottier, France

Roman Abrate, France

Jason Adriani, Italy

Adrien Anne, France

Peter Bender, Photographer, Germany

Konstantin Dietz, Germany

Tobias Fischer, Germany

Sebastian Hofer, Photographer, Germany

Gabriel Hyden, Austria

Jojo Jacobi, Germany

Toto & Tobias Kotitschke, Germany

Maik Lojewski, Germany

Ahmed Amor, Germany

Patrick Ridder, Germany

Philipp Preuss, Germany

Raymond Rehse, 2010 Announcer, Germany

Mark Stamer, Germany

Max Visser, Germany

Dominik Wagner, German Champion 2010, Germany


An Outlook on X-Mas Jam 2011 with Organizer Jonn Rübcke
I-Punkt Skateland
X-Mas Jam event info
Stephanie Barthelmess on flickr

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