Hohohoes Contest: Full Report + Pics

Text by Kevin Downling
Photos by Jeremy Stephenson 

We had a small premiere on Friday night for Vine St which was the first showing of that video outside of Australia. The contest got rained on and people still put their shit on the line in order to show support.

There were no WRS points being awarded or large cash purses, only bragging rights to take the W at the dopest contest in the states. There were more than 550+ people at the after party which was held at the East Atlanta Graveyard. Many people from outside of the blading world attended including executives from PBR, Scion, Sony, Upfront megatainment, Capitol and Atlantic records.

We had support from outside sponsors such as PBR and Process Clothing. There is also a photo gallery of the event on Atlanta’s largest promotion and party photographers website (ohsnapkid.com). The event was a good time for everyone involved. Michael Braud walked away with the W with Sizemore and Montre following close behind.

I do not know if another HoHoes will happen next year, but if it does than I would plan on being there. Things can only get bigger and better.

Check out some of Jeremy’s best shots below: 

Southern Legend, Garrett Slobey, comes out of hiding for HoHoHoes
and attempts this massive gap to topsoul 

Tre Lives – Truespin Topporn

JBah – Gap Royal during the finals

David Sizemore ripping in the rain with a Foot Drag Torque

Baltimores finest, Daniel Breuer, enjoying the perfect conditions

Mark Wodja – Alley Oop Fishbrain

Gumby – Dark Side Truespin Topporn

Montre Livingston bringing back the monkey plant

David Sizemore – Frontside Fastslide

Tre Lives – Savannah

Gumby – Front flip hand plant

Nick Bates – Some trick that looks tighter than anything I have
ever seen before (I am guessing that this is a 720° of some sort)

Carson Starnes – 360°

Mark Wodja – 270° Frontside Fahrvergnügen

Mark Wojda – Truespin Topporn