Brian Aragon
Chaz Sands
Nick Lomax
Roman Abrate
Steve Swain
Fabio Enes

Adam Brown
Adrien Anne
Alex Burston
Andy Gibson
Andy Gilbert
Andy Spary
Blake Bird
Dan Aldridge
Daniel Stirling
Elliot Stevens
Frazer Watson
Jamie Stenner
Joe Atkinson
Joey Egan
Keir Lindsay
Leon Humphries
Marc Moreno
Matt King
Ollie Jones
Rich Barber
Rob Pruett
Roman Godinaire
Sam Tuffnell
Scott Quuinn
Simon Coburn
Simon Cox
Taylor Latouche

Andrew Cunliffe
Andrew Wolosianka
Aron Bridges
Ben Richards
Ben Walker
Clayton Myott
Dan Collins
Dan Ives
Gareth Griffiths
Harry Fearnall
Jake Rickets
James Barnes
John Goodman
Jordan Mowatt
Kayd Anderson
Lewis Neale
Matt Smith
Mike Lyons
Pete Bexley
Sam Brookfield
Sam Davis
Sam Kew
Scott Bagnall
Scott Hallows
Warren Digne
Warren Pullinger
Wesley Thomas

NASS is a 4 star WRS event this year so expect the competition to get fierce with the likes of Brian Aragon, Nick Lomax, Chaz Sands, Fabio Enes, Roman Abrate and Stephen Swain all battling it out for a share in the £4k prize pot. You can check out more on the event at http://www.relentlessnass.com/ 

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