How do you write a review? Don’t write one after only watching the film or a rollerblading video once. First impressions are usually wrong. You get impressed or underwhelmed with what you just saw and miss the little nuances that make an otherwise not at first a really impressive video a long term keeper. Sometimes, videos that are impressive trick-wise are just dull to watch and can’t hold a candle to a nicely cut and humorous local three minute edit.


Words and screenshots: Josip Jagić

Then you go make screenshots. When every trick in the section is so well executed and filmed it deserves a screendhot of it’s own, you know you got a winner.

That is the case with Jonas Hansson’s third release of his Elite Series. The stars aligned perfectly. Razors and Ground Control pro Scott Quinn came to live in Copenhagen and the two set of to an adventure of making the video.

What came out is Quinny’s most memorable section up to date. From the opening topsoul on the elbow high flat rail to the straight liu-kang gap, to the launch to 270 fish stall, to the roll-in, gap to royale to the fakie 360 line, nothing is accidental. Scott and Jonas find new lines and interpretations of tricks on beautiful Copenhagen spots. Even though some were made popular by Eugen Enin in his own incredible Elite Series section, Scott gives them a new quality through the lens of the same talented videographer.

Also, don’t be confused by the choice of the ender trick or the obstacle. Holding a topsoul on such a long curved ledge is just technically more challenging than doing the same on the rail at the spot in question.

Now go and buy it here for the price of mere six US dollars.