A lot of you may not know us, we are a small group of friends based in the Netherlands, sharing the love for blading. Street skating in particular. Our crew name is Bliksem (It means lightning in dutch). Our members are Sjoerd Peters, Joep van den Beuken, myself ( Davy Wouda) and our one and only Levi van Rijn.


Words: Davy Wouda
Photography: bliksem crew

Levi you may know from his several street flicks and the membership on the Adapt team. Levi came up with the idea of making a movie that showed the really small younger generation of skaters in The Netherlands. At the beginning of the process I joined the concept and together Levi and I made it happen. After Levi’s VX1000 faced dead I managed to get us a good deal on an VX2000 and from then on we tried to get as much clips as we could besides our busy, poor students life’s.
We particularly love to the find new and never skated street spots. That’s what was the idea for our new movie: VOLT. One year long we drove to a lot of different cities spread around the North-West side of Europe. We croused the streets on our blades to find all the spots you normally wouldn’t find by car. We tried to make a spot selection you haven’t seen before combined with some classic spots based in the Netherlands.
We hope that in the future more young people will make things because you won’t see that so often anymore. We hope to bring you some watching pleasure and we are happy with all the memories this year brought us. Go follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bllikssem/ to stay tuned for our next project!

Thanks to: Cavin B for helping us capturing some clips. Mark Peters for letting us drive the car that brought us to a lot of places. Sjoerd for driving us around. The skating brands that kept us rolling. All the beers that cooled our muscles after the gnarly shredding’s. Marktplaats for the crispy VX deals. And all the guys who helped making this project fun!








levifens jump






soul over fens




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