It’s no secret we at Be-Mag consider Guillaume Le Gentil one of Europe’s top pro rollerbladers, and we featured him twice this year, on different occasions, most recently two weeks ago, about his new section he claimed was his best to date.


Well, he wasn’t talking porkies. It truly is his best and one of the top three single skater VOD released this year, for the reasonable price of only two euro, which comes as a surprise considering the quality of the content and production value. His street blading is some of the hottest filmed in Europe in the past five years for sure, as he mixes the best known and most obscure street spots in Paris with some of the gnarliest stunts ever done on them, with his signature clean style. A well spoken proponent of bringing rollerblading to the clueless masses, this time he let his tricks speak for himself, and in doing so, he surely stirred the stale waters of introspective and self-absorbed, preach-to-the-choir blading a lot of people indulge in lately.




Go support the homie and buy the section here for only 2 euro.

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