The short lived, only seven issues lasting Rejects mag created by Wes Driver gave us much more than we could have hoped in the early 2000s. Every issue came with a full rollerblading video, and each one withstood the test of time. In it’s premiere issue, it featured the classic section by Rob Thompson, one of the biggest talents rollerblading has ever seen and lost due to injuries. Today’s History lesson goes to Rob whose never produced 4X4 Leading the blind section should have been one of the best ever, when 4X4 was the biggest rollerblading team in history. What a line-up that was: Jon Elliott, Brian Shima, Pat Lennen, Alex Broskow, Rob Thompson, Chris Haffey… Rejects itself deserves further elaboration on Be-Mag, so stay tuned for an article, coming… soon.

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