Jon Fromm is one of the most passionate and dedicated individuals within our sport. On top of his mind blowing skating skills and extensive trick vocabulary, he maintains a humble attitude and professional demeanor. To celebrate all of his hard work and perseverance over the years, he was recently awarded a signature frame from the iconic 50/50 frame company!

To kick off the release of the frame, Jon teamed up with 50/50 co-founder and legendary blading photographer Jess Dyrenforth and our good friend Dave Paine of Videogroove to capture the video as well as helm the video editing. To top it off Ryan Timms contributed some beautiful product shots to include in the video. Sadly Jon was hurt shortly before shooting the video and the world went into disarray with the COVID pandemic so they weren’t able to assemble nearly the amount of footage they had hoped, but nonetheless the end result is still a solid piece of work.

Jon’s Balance Frame is available in a smooth cloud white color and matching Juice Blocks, and for a short time and in limited quantities, 50/50 has partnered with RedEye to make available a complete pro frame bundle featuring his pro RedEye wheel, white 50/50 UHMW antirocker wheels and 50/50 ABEC 9 bearings. So pick up a pair before they are long gone!

Learn more about the Jon Fromm Balance Frame at

Edited and shot by Dave Paine (

Photography by Jess Dyrenforth (

Product shots by Ryan Timms (

Music by Pretty Lights (…)

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