Austin Paz and Billy O’Neill at The Jump Street Podcast are back with a very special guest for their 53rd episode! This episode they feature the long reigning Queen of inline skating, the iconic Fabiola Da Silva! They had the chance to catch up with Fabiola as she was a special guest at the 2020 Winterclash event.

So if you have been living under a rock and are unaware of how important she is to our culture, let me educate you a bit. Fabiola is still to this day one of the most winning-est skaters in our history, having attained over fifty LG medals, seven gold X-games medals and being a world champion multiple times over. Fabiola set a bar that has yet to be met in professional sports as she was a legitimate female contender competing in previously male dominated competitions. To put it plainly…Fabiola is a f***ing legend!

So don’t miss the opportunity to listen to Fabiola speak about her early years of skating in Brazil, becoming a professional at 15, landing movie deals, becoming a cultural icon in her home country and much, much more!

Here are some excerpts:

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