Austin Paz and Billy O’Neill at The Jump Street Podcast are back with a very special guest for their 56th episode! This episode they feature one of the greatest rollerbladers in the long history of our culture, the iconic Brian Shima! Brian’s skating helped to push the boundaries of what is possible on inline skates and he set the bar incredibly high for the generations that followed his lead.

Brian was a special guest of the 10th annual Pow-Wow competition and had the opportunity to speak with Austin and Billy about his historic past. From his early years of rolling with the infamous Bomb Squad crew, to speaking about his time spent on legendary skate teams like USD and Mindgame and what prompted his transition to riding for Razors and starting 4X4.

Brian has accomplished so much in his storied career that you couldn’t fit all of it within one podcast but the Jump Street guys touched on so many incredible pieces of history that this is a must watch episode for anyone that has ever strapped on inline skates.

Do yourself a favor and peep this NOW and enjoy hearing directly from one of the greatest rollerbladers of all time.

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