Ralf and I went out on a chilly autumn day to just skate some street and have fun. When we came to this spot I thought of doing the 1 spot, 1 minute thing for Be-Mag with Ralf and we spent 10-15 minutes to film this little piece.

Intro: Roland Wander
Edit: Simon Lind

Name: Ralf Monnerup

Age: 19

Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark 

Sponsors: Remz, skatepro.dk

Favorite skate event: Roskilde festival (skate show)

 Current set-up: Remz H.R. 1 with Ground Control frames.

Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Simon Lind’s Barcelona edit ’10 because we had a blast there!

Good advice you’ve been given: It’s always easier with lots of speed.

Bad habit: A bit lazy at times.

Worst injury so far: Nothing so far, luckily.

One thing you would spent one million dollar/ euro for: To keep the xhall bowlpark open forever.

One thing that makes you really angry: When my bike punctures and if I somehow can’t land a trick that I want to do.

Reasons to smile: When I have fun while skating, being with friends or my girlfriend.

Your favorite skater from back in the day: Tom Ahlqvist

Skater of the year so far: Alex Popovic from Denmark who just made himself a well deserved spot on the Remz flow team. Look out for that kid! He’ll fuck your truespin topside tricks up, haha!

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