Travel Essentials: Dominik Wagner

Not many people in European Blading are traveling consistently since the early years of the sport. Dominik is one of them. Since the late 90`s he went on numerous tours, competed in hundreds of competitions and filmed clips for his sections all over Europe. One can easily say that Dominik is a travel expert. Time for a “Travel Essentials with Dominik Wagner”.

Travel Essentials?
Duffel Bag
Black Jack Hooded+Beanie
Jeans Jacket
Point and Shoot Camera+ extra Film (high ISO)
Phone + Charger and Earphones
Chapstick (def needed because of dehydration in the plane)
Lighter and Matches (some asshole will def steal the lighter but not the matches)
Set of Fresh Tobacco, rolling papers and filters (hard to find outside of Germany)
Cash, Credit Card and Health insurance Card
Little Notebook
Remz Skates
New Set of Chimera Wheels
Allen key
Apartment Keys
Deodorant (sometimes the closest you get to a shower)
Hairbrush ( I get dreadlocks if I don’t use this thing)
Sleeping bag (you never know where you end up)
What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
I am going to Montpellier for the FISE and afterwards to Strasbourg for the NL comp.
I will be on the road for 11 days.
What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
A Magic Pocket or bag which has unbelievable much space in it, also it shouldn’t get bigger and heavier no matter how much stuff I put in there.
Favorite airport?
I really hate airports, the only ones that I don’t hate as much are the ones you still can smoke at, Schiphole wasn’t bad for that reason, still I fucking hate airports!
Your trick to beat jet lag?
The Jet lag always beats me, but trying to go with the time/ staying awake is the best thing to do I guess!
Any travel tips/suggestions?
Take your Credit Card but don’t lose it!
Sleep as less as possible the night before you leave so it’s easier to sleep on the trip!
Dress nicely, people will treat you with more respect/wont piss you off that fast!
Try to take as less stuff as possible, it’s good to travel light!
Roll or fold clothes?
Definitely fold!