The Haunted Wheel Company is proud to present their newest VOD feature titled “Rose“, which was shot in the beautiful surroundings of Portland Oregon and edited by the multi- talented Brad Osantoski.

Rose” was filmed for a little over a year and a half and features an absolutely stacked lineup of talented skaters such as Brian Weis, Chris Dafick, Erik Stokley, Jeph Howard, Shane McClay, Stephen Durasa, Dustin Jamieson, Andrew Dipaolo, Billy Anderson, Ben Magaziner, John Copeland, Rob Antaki, Juan Gwynn, Polly Morris, Megan Petersen, Matt Rice, Ryan Meyer, Ivan Gwynn, Greg Tuthill, Eric Thompson and Brad Oz himself.

Mr. Oz‘s aberrant editing style, coupled with his unique choice in soundtrack choices and Portland’s plethora of desirable skate spots, make this Pink Panther themed video one that you definitely want to invest your money into!

Brad hit us with these sweet teasers for “Rose” as well as some incredible pictures from the making of the full length feature. Be sure and support these talented men and women and follow the link below to the purchase “Rose” for your collection.


Rob Antaki
John Johnson
Rob Antaki

PHOTOS BY: Brad Osantoski, @bradozphoto

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