MNSTR BLADE pt. VI – Benni Petry

Benni Petry is the bloody icing on the badass murdercake that is MNSTR blade. His section leaked a little while ago, so some of you already know how good it is and will need to watch it again. For everyone...

MNSTR blade Pt. 2

In part II of the series, we meet the man behind MNSTR blade and talk about his crew, his city, and his place in the world. We even dragged out of him some words about himself. Not easy for a guy who's 100%...

MNSTR blade Pt. I

Part 1/6 of a series by Jo Zenk featuring the blade scene of Münster. Each edit comes with a section of a scene report compiled from long discussions between Jo and Ash about the history, life and future of...

Hometown Sessions: Aritz Ortega

Spanish razors rider Aritz has been bringing the heat to contests around Europe for years now. We catch up with him to see what life is like closer to home, in Malaga, Southern Spain. Also, Aritz provided a...

Up and Comers: Michel Prado

He may have started blading relatively late, but Barcelona-based Michel Prado hasn't wasted any time since getting the wheels under his feet. Check out his latest edit and photos for proof that he shreds as hard as anyone with twice the experience, and get some insight into the man himself.

Up and Comers: Gabriel Adriani

Watching my brothers growing up is one of the best things in my life and watching the flame of passion burn inside them is even better. It's wonderful to see how happy my brother Peter is when he plays football as watching my younger brother Gabriel lacing a trick. It feels like I'm playing football or making that trick in that moment. They are a part of me. Gabriel is one of the bladers who inspired my view of the game and of course one of my favourite bladers. Today I'm really proud to introduce him here on his first interview on Hope you guys will meet him soon, he has the power to juice you up easy and makes you laugh more then ever!!

Adrian Deck: Clips and Questions

Adrian Deck is way more awesome than Google Translate. The latter never won Winterclash, shredded the hell out of multiple handrails at once, or made the following badass blading edit. Adrian took the time to talk to us about skating, social media, anger, pain and his home country. Thanks a million to Adrian, for taking the time for this interview, for ripping hard and for letting us see him do it. No thanks at all to Google, because me and Adrian made this readable our damn selves.

Competition Report: X-Mas Jam 2012, German Championships Inline Street

After the madness of the Shred Cologne contest just two months earlier, the final German Masterships session of the year had a lot to live up to. The frozen streets and horrible weather weren’t putting anybody off, with bladers from almost all of Europe showing up to destroy the I-Punkt Skateland for the 2000 € prize money. German competitors were also battling for the title of German Champion for 2012 and the standard was – predictably – furious.