NIMH South America Tour part 4: Broll and outtakes from the Chinchina Contest

Here we've got some left-over footage that Jero sent in straight from South America some hours ago. Montre Livingston and John Bolino are giving interviews for the Colombian TV. The local rollers are stoked to have some of the world's most respected Rollerbladers as their guests in Colombia. The viewer, far away from the action and the pure life, is stoked as well, planning their own trip to vibrant Colombia. Check out this special tour feature.

Adrien Anne left over edit

Here we go with some left over clips from globetrotter Adrien Anne. In this edit Adrien is skating different skateparks in the Netherlands, Germany as well as some selected street spots in France. Enjoy.

Mushroom Blading website online

Todd McInerney and Joey McGarry just launched their redesigned new - Mushroom Blading website - which contains a great collection of their creative work. Head over to their site and have fun exploring...

The Interview

Who is (Brian Freeman)? Want to know more about his place with Street Artist, hip-hop, rollerblading (and skateboarding)? Check out the interview!

John Bolino Preview

Here is a teaser for a special feature with John Bolino that will be released on soon. John acquired a global-reputation as a ripper on his NIMH-Skates with a dozen of online edits, celebrated...

Dominik Wagner takes the first place at the Rollinz contest 2010

On the 24th of April 2010, the first Rollerblading contest went down at Austria's finest Indoor-Skatepark, the Lissfeld-Skatehall, in Linz. A lot of people showed up to shred this wonderful package of wood. Dominik Wagner came in first amazing everyone with his quick lines and uncanny transfers. Austria's posterboy, Stefan Horngacher, also went strong at this contest trying to outstrip Dominik's win. Check out the edit below. Also make sure you cast an eye on Jojo's crazy wallride who definitely set a new skatepark-record.

Albert Hooi website

Albert Hooi just made a new photography website for his college that contains a lot of great shots taken by the Irish skate beast Al Hooi.

Berlin Ignition Session

The first Ignition Session is going to be on the 8th of may. It will take place at the Ringstraße skatepark in Berlin. It's going to be the first of many following sessions this summer. We will host the session every two months in the best outdoor parks in and around berlin. During the winter, we will take the session to the indoor skateparks in the east of Germany.

Colombia Scene Report + Nikolas Calderon Interview

It's safe to say that what you and I take for granted isn't the reality in most of South America. We assume we can order a pair of skates online and have them shipped to our house. We assume we can see pros at a comp in our country. South America? Not so much. And yet they have one of the most vibrant scenes anywhere in the world - read on!

Oeteldope 2010 Den Bosch Finals

Here we go with the edit from the Oeteldope finals, the Dutch Miniramp Championchips finals. Nick Lomax and Jojo Jacobi joined this great event which took place in Sven Boekhorst's hometown. Joery vd Poel from Enschede (the Netherlands) became this year's Oeteldope champion. Congrats from the whole Be-Mag crew!

TheConference Türkiye Tour

From May 3rd to May 24th Jeff Stockwell and Billy O'Neill will go on a wild tour through Turkey shredding ten different cities around the country.


One of the first European Real Street Contest went down last week (April 24th) in Lille (France). The event attracted Real Street Skaters from all over France and some other countries. Check out the edit featuring another great street battle!

4×4 – Leading the blind

Blast from the past: The Blading Renaissance (Russia) just posted up some of the most epic DVDs Rollerblading had to offer in its short history. Check out Shima, Stockwell, Haffey, Alex Broskow and some more terrorizing the streets of America!

David Sizemore at the Pow Wow

David Sizemore is one of the most respected Rollerbladers on the scene today, best known for his super steady skating and his technical prowess. You definitely wanna see this one! Filmed and edity by Jason Reyna! Great job!