A Grindhouse View 2009 – Slams

Here comes the next chapter of 'A Grindhouse View 2009'. This is the slam section and this part definitely makes one point clear: Skating is not always fun! Check it out below! Don't show this to your parents!

New talent from the Netherlands

Check out this 12-year young talent from the Netherlands. In this edit you can see him attending the Oeteldope 2010 Contest (Dutch Miniramp Championchips). Keep your eyes peeled for some more coming from this great talent in the near future!

Dan Barnes – Razors Flow Team

Rollingupdates.com posted up this nice edit from Razors Flow rider, Dan Barnes: www.rollingupdates.com Dan Barnes - Razors Flow Skater Edited by Brazilionaire Filmed by Ricky Coster...

Park2: Montage2

Head over to the DenialTV vimeo account to view all parts of the Park2 video. Also make sure you view the Montage2 part which was posted up some hours ago. Park2: Montage 2 from DenialTv on...

FT – 5ONIT – Matt Jones

After this amazing Puerto Rico edit that was released just recently by the Footage Tape guys (Jamie Olmstead and Kevin Dowling) here comes the FT - 5ONIT - Matt Jones. You know that this is again a high...