4Life EU Summer Tour 2010

Valo just announced their stops for the European Summer Tour 2010. The Valo Team consisting of Alex Broskow, B Smith, Cosimo Tassone, Erik Bailey, Ivan Narez, Jon Julio, Soichiro Kanashima and Victor Arias will bash their way through Europe, starting from the Chaz Sands Invite through Amsterdam, Montpellier and Lisbon and ending a eight day trip through Spain. You can look forward to some kicking ass Valo footage in may!

Episode Three: Chaz Sands Invitational 09

The Chaz Sands Invite comes up pretty soon (May 8th). Last year Simon Mulvaney in cooperation with a lot of other people (see below) created a special Chaz Sands Invitational Documentary. Watch this and you will get juiced for the competition. Talking about the competition, make sure don't forget to register until April 30th (registration deadline) if you plan to enter the competition.


Here we go with the second trailer of Dustin Werbeski's forthcoming flick "Imagine Blade Shun". Watching the first and the second trailer it's obvious see that Dustin put a lot of effort into this production. This will be another must have item for your DVD collection. Check back on be-mag as you will see some more features on Dustin and his work on be-mag pretty soon.

Portugese National Contest

The Portugese National Contests will start next weekend. There will be 4 contests this year, and the first one will be on May 1st and May 2nd in Abrantes (130 km north of Lisbon). With 3 categories (Pro /...

The Bakerized Shop interview

Mike SP from the Street Mechanics Apparel blog invested some time to check in with Bakerized Skateshop. "One year ago Sam Baker and Bakerized Skateshop crept on the scene offering rollerbladers great deals,...

Valo at the 2010 Panhandle Pow Wow

Keaton Newson and Andrew Jacuzzi represented Valo at this year's Panhandle Pow Wow. They shredded the contest with a lot of style. For some video proof, check out the edit below - produced by Jason Reyna.

Park 2 trailer

After many months of gathering contributed footage from all over the world and converting all clips so they were able to work.... i finally got the footage to my friends Jeremy Theopolus and Nick Micros to...

USD South America Tour ROCK Part 2 of 4. Ecuador

If you want to see pure life, then this is the edit you need to watch. The USD team including Demetrious George and Billy O'Neill also visited Ecuador during their South America tour. After watching their Colombia episode, one might think that the shots taken there couldn't be surpassed. However, with the Ecuador feature Jeremy succeeded in stepping up the game again. High level entertainment.

Nimh Session at Sant Feliu

Check out this edit and pics of the Nimh Spanish Team's recent session at the Sant Feliu Skatepark! Featuring Tony Cheetah, Marc Moreno, and more...

NIMH South America Tour part 1: Jon Jon Bolino and Montre Livingston exploring Bogota

Our staff photographer, Jeremy Stephenson, is currently bashing his way through South America to accompany Nimh's posterboys Montre Livingston and Jon Jon Bolino. Somewhere between the pure Colombian nature and the South American lifestyle package Montre and Jon shredded everything that crossed their way. Check out what went down during their first days in this beautiful country. And consider that this is just the beginning of the adventure!

Australian Rolling Open 2010

Here we go with a brand new edit showcasing Australia's best Rollers battling it out for the first place title at the skatepark in Adelaide. The last minute is fully dedicated to Danny Jensen who amazes everyone with his uncanny desasters or, in other words, with his penchant for selfdestruction.

Rob Guerrero 4 days in Paris

Great edit about Rob's trip to Paris, great to see so much footage from him again. Make sure you also check out his 14 page interview in the last issue of Be-mag.

Small interview with Warren Digne

After joining the Rollerblade pro-team Warren Digne won his first contest last weekend, the MILF town contest in Milan, Italy. Sven Boekhorst had some time to ask Warren a couple of questions.

USD South America Tour RAW. Episode 4

As you might know Billy O'Neill, Demetrious George and Jeremy Stephenson embarked on a tour through South America. Jeremy has documented each step of Billy and Demetrious. Jeremy now comes up with the fourth episode showing Colombia's finest tearing apart the wood at the Evolution Skate Park in Bogota (Colombia) during a competition. Billy and Demetrious have judged this competition. Big time!

Dominik Wagner US Tour – Print Supplement Issue 35

As you may have read in the Be-Mag print article already, for me, being on tour is not all about skating only. With my pictures I tried to capture moments apart from all that rollerblading stuff - hanging around, driving all day long and seeing weird stuff on the road.

Clip 4 Lisbon section

If you are on a nostalgic kick we recommend you to watch the Clip 4 Lisbon section. Portugal's finest show you how you have to tackle the Portuguese architecture.