Pony Cup 2010

Pony Cup is a 6 year old annual skatepark competition in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. It is one of the largest and most popular rollerblade events in scandinavia. With a newly renovated skatepark, there are plenty of new lines and opportunities for a great day.

Razors tour to Russia

Skaters: Don Bambrick, Dre Powell, Spartak Alemasov, Andrey Zaycev, Igor Nasspnov, Kirill Galushko, Egor Ershov, Egor Loginov, Stas Latincev, Dmitriy Gaar, Boris G and others...

Jamie Stenner Miniview

Jamie Stenner tied the knot with his long term lady Rikki back in January and spent his honeymoon out in Australia. He managed to squeeze in some blading and got some shots with our man Dale Travers whilst he was there. Check it.

A Day in Our Lives Episode 3

Another 'Day in our lives episode" by ACHOSEN-FEW.COM. This time they take a look at the lives of Will Cosgrove, Sean Knight and Tony Rivituso. Enjoy this new episode. A Day in Our Lives Episode...

PARTY – Montage by Mark Heuss

Mark Heuss releases the sections from his film, PARTY, bit by bit. Now he also uploaded the montage-section of the PARTY film. Through watching Mark's edits and films it's obvious that he is an ambitious...

Create Originals Introduces Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer To The 2010 Pro Team

Anything worth doing is worth doing right and we wanted to welcome our new riders to the team with open arms. So when Chris Farmer and Alex Broskow were ready to make the commitment and join the ranks of the Create Originals Pro-team we felt we had to go the extra mile. We could have just had them send in some footage but we felt it was just as important to get hot footage as it was to get everyone together and skate as a team. Airline tickets were booked, the Kelso cruiser was fueled and arrangements were made for our team to have the 50,000 square foot Rye Airfield Skatepark all to ourselves for not 1 or 2 but 3 CO only sessions. Here is some more of what went down... ENJOY!

Heel Cutting Nimh Skates

If you want to skate your NIMH-Skates in a smaller shell without comprising the structural integrity of the shell, then we strongly recommend you to watch this edit. Jamie Murrett shows here how you can modify...


While we were out at Winterclash this year, everyone and their mother was there. So it seemed like a good idea to corner as many pros and industry heads as possible for quick interviews. Enjoy this check-in with Mr. Oli Short! -B

TORONTO REPORT – The Lost HeyDude3 Footage

For many of us in Toronto, the summer of 2007 was full of long night sessions followed by drinks on patios. We had an amazing time that summer - lots of people were motivated to film for the HeyDude 3 Toronto section.

Great Winterclash-edit by Bruno Jubin

Bruno Jubin from Mallorca (Spain) posted up a nice edit that features Julien Cudot, Roman Abrate, Fabio Enes, Sven Boekhorst and himself at this year's Winterclash. <object width="400"...

Daniel Kinney / BCSD In-The-Know

2010 is already proving to be a big year for rollerblading! Winterclash just went down big time in Europe and Bitter Cold Showdown (BCSD) is only one week away! Are you going? Whether you are or not, enjoy this in-the-know with the one and only BCSD Founder Daniel Kinney! -B