My VOD: How to Sellfy

Following the whole VOD development in blading, it becomes obvious that most video makers are using the online market platform Sellfy for making their final product available to the masses. You will find...

Company Profile: doop

Since taking over the original Xsjado concept, the Conference developed a hybrid of the first generation skeleton mixed with their nordic skate resulting in the Xsjado 2.0. Oli Benet then had the idea for a crossover to expand into the recreational and fitness market and the doop brand was born. Be-Mag asked him a few questions about doop and where he sees it rolling forward.

Amsterdam Week: Company Profile – Thisissoul Skateshop

You can say what you want about Ivo Fighter and his undeniable skill to turn every conversation into an awkward silence. But this modern day incarnation of Jesus F. Christ is single-handedly responsible for breathing life into the difficult scene of inline blading in the Netherlands.

Company Profile: adapt

You may have heard of this new skate brand from the Netherlands, 'adapt'. You may also already be friends with them on facebook. If the latter is the case, you might have noticed that they weren't providing too much info about what they were actually brewing over there in Holland. Well, this now changes with this very Company Profile on Be-Mag. Olga Bouwhuis and Pieter Wijnant founded adapt 20 months ago because they saw potential for hand crafted skates made from high quality materials. And here they are now, explaining to us where this has taken them so far.

Company Profile: Scribe Industries

Founded in 1992, Scribe was a big player in the glory days of blading with a larger number of product available for the skaters needs. Scribe Industries is now growing into its 3rd year from the rebirth of the business since 1998. It took 2.5 years to solidify a full Pro team, and select Ams that work hard, have great determination, and are valuable assets to both the team and our industry. In this article we try to shed light on what’s going on at the company right now, what product they currently offer, which riders they support and what they’re up to for 2011.

Company Profile: Kaltik Hardware

Kaltik has been going strong for many years now with the UK and Ireland being its main markets. As of recent, Kaltik created a lot of buzz within the community by releasing their latest product the "Stealth Flat Frames", a frame with an uniquely shaped h-block to allow for a new experience in flat skating. Be-Mag sat down with company owner Conor Manweiler to discuss his approach with Kaltik, his views on the industry, product developement as well as Kaltiks new flat frames that have just hit the shops.