FISE 2010 Photo Roundup

After spending 3 days in Montpellier shooting at one of the best events in Europe, FISE. I have just found some extra photos which can be considered as left-overs.

High In The Park 2010 Bulle (saturday): Part 3. After Party!!!

Hello! well....some of us are back from the afterparty, and yeah, let's just say there are still a lot of people listening to DJ Das's Set! Oli Benet opened up with some sick drum & bass, and even though he had to be driven to the hospital, he still managed to warm the dancefloor up for the club. FingaIndaNose followed Oli with some hardcore electro and Dub Step. And finally, Stephan De Freitas, Killing it again, but this time not on a skatepark, not on a dancefloor...but on the bloody stage! Everybody went Mental, within 10minutes into his set, he got the whole club down on the floor, had security asking him to turn the music down, and the rest of us was just on stage with him and bouncing to the crazy sound of drum&bass! I don't know how Stephan's does it, but he sure can make the crowd go wild!

High In The Park 2010 Bulle (Saturday): Part 2. Best Trick & Rain

Hello boys and girls! So the rain stopped just in time for the Best Trick Contest...but wait, the best trick wasn't part of the WRS was actually a contest to see how good skaters could skate after drinking for half of the day in the rain. So they were giving out "free drinks" coupons to skaters that either cleared the long railbox or laced a sick trick. After they were done with giving away free drinks, the stakes stepped it up to a Magnum of Vodka!

High In The Park 2010 Bulle (saturday): Part 1. Qualifiers

So it's saturday afternoon here in Bulle, the Young bucks were about to ride their heats, unfortunately the rain gods didn't want them to ride just yet! So people are taking cover in their cars or under the cantin they had put up in case this did happen...good planning! While the rain was pouring on the course, people basically started drinking, and planning their evening....Remy Meister and his girlfriend had the great idea to organise an iPod battle, contest organisers wanted to start the best trick contest, rain or not, just like it went down 2 years ago. As of right now it's undecided whether we will be having a street contest today or not. Stay tuned for more of High in the Park news, pictures and video later on in the evening.

High In The Park 2010 (friday): Coming together in Bulle

Bulle contest day one: Skaters from Switzerland, England, France, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Germany, Scotland, Koweit and Romania have arrived and are either having a cold beer, after driving the whole day...or actually shredding the course. It's 4:13 am right now and the rollerdisco just ended and I'm here back at jacks house typing this update. Before getting to the party lets talk about today. Who was there? Too many to name, but I can tell you some are from the Razors team, the USD team, Rolling Rock are rep'in...the massive long box has been cleared already by many people, it only means that the comp on saturday will be HUGE!

Real Street Essen – Back to the roots

After some years of absence a Real Street Event series is coming back to Germany. The first contest of the series took place in one of the epicentrums of German Rollerblading, in Essen. Read on and see what went down this past weekend.

NASS – Finals Day

Sunday saw the best blading of the weekend with the WRS Pro street finals, Goliath FInals and the RIchard Taylor best trick comp. Aragon destroyed the street course with huge tricks including a cork 7 transfer over Elvis clinching him first place. Roman Godenaire placed second with enormous spins and flips all over the place, Steve Swain came in third with a solid line of big tricks and tech grinds.

NASS- Day 2 recap

It's hot. Everyones hungover. Non the less, its competition time! Everybody is getting warmed up ready for the contest to start, a few slightly more hungover than others.

NASS – Day 2

The AM Comp just went down and despite a heavy night, the quality of skating was ridiculous. Andy Gilbert came out on top with Danny Aldridge coming a close contended 2nd and Jamie Stenner in 3rd. Aragon, Abrate, Lomax and Godinaire are all warming up for the PRO comp tomorrow and if the practice session is anything to go by, it's going to go freaking mental tomorrow.

NASS – Day 1 recap

So, everyone has arrived safe and sound. The Razors guys landed fresh off the German tour and the entire UK scene has driven/trained/hitchhiked down south to sunny England to pitch a tent.

NASS – Arrival Day

Just got here and set up camp and a practice session is going down on the street course. Tuffnell is already killing it and Stenner, Lomax, Atkinson and the boys are putting the course through its paces. Open comp kicks off at 11 tomorrow, keep it locked

NASS – Day 1

People are slowly trickling in and the Open comp has gone down with some impressive skating from the likes of Dan Collins, Pete Bexley, Wes Thomas and Sam Davies. Lomax, Schoolboy, Al Burston, Jamie Stenner and Elliot Stevens are all warming up for the AM comp tomorrow which is set to go off! Results from the Open 1. Andrew Cunliffe 2. Dan Collins 3. Sam Davies

NASS Street Course Plans

First few glimpses of the street course from our man on the inside, looking good. Heading down tomorrow to get the primo tent spots and check out the set up.

NASS Festival 2010

Our friends at Kingdom are running the inline event at the Relentless NASS festival once again and will be bringing you live updates from the fields of Somerset, UK throughout the weekend.

Mukko Realstreet X 2010

Two weeks ago the 10th edition of the Mukko Realstreet comp took place in Finland's capital, Helsinki. Finland's finest as well as different other Rollerbladers from Europe came together to battle it out for the Mukko Realstreet 2010 champion title. Check out the exclusive story by Konsta Kortteinen who is the main organizer of the Mukko competition.

Montreal Classic 2010 review

This past weekend we reported live from the Montreal Classic 2010. Now three days later our Montreal representatives have prepared a full coverage of the action that happened during this epic weekend. You might have seen already Haffey going wild in the REMZ edit. But here we've got some more exclusive action shots and edits. So check this out here and take the next higher dosage.

MTL Classic 2010 live-update #4: Pro results

There were less Pro Skaters than last year but the level was insane and the crowd didn't believe what they saw!!! The final (I mean the warrior heat): 5 guys in the skate park for 15-20 minutes + 5 minutes more, asked by the crowd. Even if Franco was close to break his arm and his back on a fall, he skated like a beast, throwing his body all over the park, doing its toe grind and strong lines. The two frenchies - as professional as usual - killed the park with their own personal style: Adrien doing switch ups and strong grinds around, Roman with so much ease, spinning hard and high. Jerry Butler showed that he deserved to be a real pro, this guy originally from Cleveland but living in Montreal for 4 years now showed everyone that he was at home. Finally, what can I say about Haffey except that he did few tricks to warm up and that he went eat to come back later to land the strongest trick ever laced in this park. Keep an eye on be-mag and wait for the video edit! - Guillaume