Chaz Sands Invite 2010 story

Jordan Maders from the UK just finalized an exclusive Chaz Sands Invitational 2010 edit. But this is not enough since he also gives us an exclusive Be-Mag story about the biggest Rollerblading competition taking place in the UK. Read on and see the comp through the eyes of Jordan Maders.

912crew at the FISE 2010 edit part 5

The 912crew keep churning out edits from the FISE 2010. Here you can see them ripping an outdoor skatepark with Adrien Clairaz in Montpellier as well as some more insights into the FISE action. Keep your eyes peeled for some more action edits coming up on be-mag very soon!

912crew at the FISE 2010

The 912crew from Paris travelled to the FISE 2010 in Montpellier. Greg Mirzoyan (part of the 912crew) takes you on a tour through the FISE skate area here: FISE 2010 by 912TV #04 from 912crew...

FISE Montpellier 2010 live-update (Day 1): Dominik Wagner gives a short video update

Be-Mag sent some of their core staff members to one of the biggest European Extreme Sport Events, the FISE, taking place in the centre of Montpellier (France). Be sure that we will once again try our best to cover the very best from this huge and action-packed event. So those of you who couldn't make it to the real event, come back here and be still part of something great. Within the next few days you will be able to experience the event through the eyes of Jojo Jacobi, Dominic Swagemakers and some more helpers. They will be on the FISE skate-course, on the FISE-parties, on the beach and close to all the big skate teams coming from all around the world. Let's get the party started.

Valo at the Chaz Sands Invitational 2010

The Valo Team did pretty well at this year's Chaz Sands competition: Chihiro Azuma (Japan) won the girls competition, Elliot Stevens (England) took the third place at the Amateur competition and Soichiro Kanashima placed third at the Pro competition. Valo apparently didn't sleep last night since they worked on this nice contest feature showing some exclusive Valo footage from the comp. Enjoy!

Valo pre-session at Chaz Sands Invite

The Valo-Team is representing at this year's Chaz Sands comp with their pro riders including Soichiro Kanashima, Brandon Smith Victor Arias, Erik Bailey, Alex Broskow and some more Valo celebrities. Here we've got a short edit from their first day at the Chaz Sands Invite.

Chaz Invite: Saturday

Everyone is arriving at the park, people slept outside the doors last night! The Am contest is about to go down, the judges are preparing and the MC is on route!

Chaz Invite: Friday

Everyone is arriving. The Remz team is in the building, despite CJ's 30 hour flight around a volcano, they are all a bit delicate this afternoon after experiencing the Liverpool nightlife.

Chaz Invite: Car Sponsors Arrive.

We have 2 car sponsors for this years event, Nissan and Renault. They arrived a day early to get some promo shots for an upcoming ad campaign. Rampworx local Andy Gilbert and Chaz Sands performed some synchronised skating whilst avoiding 2 brand new cars.

NIMH South America Tour part 4: Broll and outtakes from the Chinchina Contest

Here we've got some left-over footage that Jero sent in straight from South America some hours ago. Montre Livingston and John Bolino are giving interviews for the Colombian TV. The local rollers are stoked to have some of the world's most respected Rollerbladers as their guests in Colombia. The viewer, far away from the action and the pure life, is stoked as well, planning their own trip to vibrant Colombia. Check out this special tour feature.