Egor Loginov: One Minute One Spot

Only the word "controversial" came to mind, when I got asked to write the intro for Egor's One Minute One Spot. Humble and loud at the same time, Egor is truly a myth: silent killer at the spot and the most funny person at your local party, he always keeps it easy while still keeping all of his responsibilities in mind. His skating is on point and tells much more than words. Being one of the most active bladers from Motherland, dude is steadily stacking clips. This summer Egor visited China to work as a skater on some extreme show of sorts, performing in front of public three times a day. This little One Minute One Spot edit was filmed in the evening after one of the working days, and as you can see Egor clearly got his ledge game on lock!

One Minute, One Spot: Levi van Rijn

Sometimes big things come in small packages. At only 15, Levi's skating career is off to an impressive start. It's not hard to find one minute of Levi skating. Finding one spot to keep his attention is the difficult part - always looking for more challenging obstacles. Levi's love for blading is contagious. It's easy to witness how much fun he has blading by watching any of his edits. This is only the beginning. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Levi and his never ending progression. - Jeff Crays

One Minute, One Spot: Nik Suhaily

Nik Suhaily is an unlikely blading star. Tall and gangly, he has the gait of a newborn giraffe. But put him on blades and all that extra headroom helps him reach obstacles most can never reach. His signature effortless style has seen him represent Malaysia competitions around Asia. This mogul in the making rides for Wheel Love Skateshop and USD Malaysia and is making plans to open his own skate related business one day.

One Minute One Spot: Antony Pottier

Antony Pottier has been shredding hard for years. He never ceases to amaze with big tricks and technical switchups at competitions all over Europe. Seba Skates recently added Antony to their team, and the Belgian powerhouse has been pretty busy ever since. He still found some time to film this sick One Minute One Spot though. Check it out!

One Minute, One Spot: Alex Cebrian

When I first watched Alex skating, I knew he has something special and I felt that I needed to help him to progress and get all his goals. Now, 4 years later, he's 15 and is the best AM in Spain, and probably one of our most talented skaters in years. So focussed, he is determined to get to the top and I know he's gonna be one of the big names in the future.

One Minute, One Spot: Sam Crofts vs. St. Paul’s Cathedral

It's not really hard to forget the first time that I met Sam, it must have been over ten years ago now at Chi park. I remember watching this little guy, barely pushing 4' 9", tearing up the park almost fearlessly in what I can only assume were his dad's clothes, with more enthusiasm than I had ever seen at that forsaken place.

Mike Obedoza: One Minute, One Spot

Over the past month or so, Mike Obedoza has been giving us Be-maggers tips on how to make up some tasty treats in the kitchen. In the first Be-mag post of 2013, Mike put in some work at the local skate park and cooked together this banger of an edit. How can you describe his skating? "Solid as Fuck" -Ryan Northway

One Minute One Spot: Aritz Ortega

My name is Mikel Artega, I have started skating with Aritz Ortega and he is one of the guys I know best. Since we were kids, his passion has always been skating. Everyday we went rolling from sun up until the sun went down. Even when he was really young, you could notice that he was going to be "someone" because he always stands out over the others. He has the "gift" and a technique that you cannot see in other skaters. He rarely fails, but when he does, he learns from it an keeps on and on. He is a really focused rider.

One Minute One Spot: Nils Jansons

If you've heard of Nils Jansons then you know this guy is a shredder! Simply speaking. Big tricks, lots of speed and of course, plenty of hammers. But I want to tell you a bit about Nils that you may not know. Nils is "on it". And by saying that, I mean he has found his passions and will stop at nothing to achieve or take whatever he wants from this life. He may be young, numerically speaking, but he has the patient and calm demeanor of a buddist monk. Nils is super humble and down to earth. Still what some might call a bit "out there". He is the kind of homie that you can really sit down and kick it with and ponder about life, girls, politics, blading or whatever the topic may be.

One Minute One Spot: Victor Legrand

I'll always remember this call I receive seven years ago. A girl told me that she was flirting with a rollerblader guy named Victor he was supposed to come to our town to visit his cousins see her and hopefully skate. We ended up living together six years later his room was a tent in the middle of my living room… (ask Micheal Garlinghouse or the people from the London time haha). This guy has so much energy you will see him destroy a rib high rail take off his skates drink a bottle of whiskey 5 feet of tequila shots on the bar, make an entire room sing old French songs ,end up in some girls bed he met in front of a night club waking up after 3 hours of sleep to complete a hard day of proletarian labour and he will still make you laugh. He is truly passionate human being and his devotion to skating is outsized. He deserves his place in the rollerblading industry so look forward to meet him!

Justin Brasco: One Minute One Spot

Justin Brasco and myself have spent several weekends in New York this summer filming for his next online street section. We got washed out one day and decided to headed to Oil City Skate Park in Long Island, NY to wind down on the facilities' new shotgun ledges. Days earlier, Brasco picked up a sponsor with Create Originals and was eager to see what all the talk was about. Enjoy this One Minute One Spot as Justin Brasco tries in his new Create Original frames and puts his name down on Oil City Skate Park's shotgun ledges.

Denis Wolf: One Minute One Spot

I’ve known Denis for about a decade now and he has become one of my closest friends. I know him as an open-minded and relaxed guy, but when he puts his blades on, he’s really on fire! Denis is not as extroverted as other skaters or a man of many words. If you spend some time with him though, you quickly realize that he expresses himself through his unique skating and style. I can say that he’s possibly one of the most pleasant skaters to work with because he’s always motivated to give his best for projects he’s interested in and he’s able to repeat his tricks until he – as well as the videographer – is satisfied. You can also always count on him for a session just to have some fun. If you saw him traveling across Germany and some parts of Europe over the last years, you’ll probably have noticed that he stands out from others. If you haven't taken notice yet, I’m sure you'll see much more of him in the near future.

Nicola Fiorenza: One Minute One Spot

The first thing you have to know about Nicola is that in Italy he is known as "Nico er fico" which means "Nico the cool". This Johnny Bravo look-alike street machine is killing it since day one. The first time I talked to him was a street contest in Milan ten years ago that ended with Nico doing a 360 soul on an elbow high hand rail that resulted in him winning the contest and somebody else quitting blading. Ten years later Nico just got married and is a proud father of the two-year-old cute girl Giorgia. But if you think this makes him slow down his blading, I also need to let you know that he also just became Italian Champion of 2011. It is a great pleasure for me to introduce my friend Nicola Fiorenza and his "fuck-off attitude". Enjoy the edit!

Json Adriani: One Minute One Spot

I've known Json for a decade now and the first word that comes to mind when thinking about him is 'dedication'. And the second one is 'leader', no doubt. During the past years Jason used to skate no-fun-at-all-super-high-dead-drop-rails on a daily basis with a to-do list of tricks to improve his skills. This meant that he was skating alone most of the time because nobody in his city and just a few in Italy would be able to skate the same spots. Today, Json has grown to the best all around blader that Italy has to offer and his attitude makes him a role model for the young and a great asset to the Italian scene. He is always the first to put his blades on and the last to put them off. His dedication is contagious.

Phillip Gripper: One Minute One Spot

Phillip Gripper is one of those skaters that has never gotten the shine he really deserves. Now at the ripe age of 28 years young, Phil is not only skating the best he's ever skated, but finally getting the recognition that has long been coming to him. Many people know Phil best from his years of being a counselor at Woodward. He actually taught a lot of the current up and coming names in blading how to do most of their tricks. Phil is the type of guy that knows exactly what he likes. Anything from food, to music, to skating tricks, Phil likes what he likes and doesn't compromise for anything or anyone. So when Phil told me we had to drive an extra 3 hours out of our way on a recent South Carolina trip to skate a spot in his hometown of Florence, I knew it would be worth it.

Arne Dahlmeier: One Minute One Spot

Arne Dahlmeier's name should be familiar to anyone that knows the ropes in the European scene. After he's left Razors a couple years ago things started to become rather quiet around him, even though he was, and still is, skating on an extremely high level. This year, after being hired out as a courtshow actor and hair model – lacking success in both ventures – he relocated from Bielefeld to Stuttgart. Shortly after his move and following a recent shoulder injury, which made surgery a necessity, he is now again fully functional and just paid his hometown a quick visit in order to film for this edit at one of his favorite spots. Welcome him back as he has fought what seems to have been an uphill battle of obstacles, taking it back to where it all began.

Mirek Ragan: One Minute One Spot

Mirek Ragan... don't even try to put him into any categories! Born in 1982, he is one of these old cats that grew up rollerblading from day one. Hoax 1 and 2 changed his life and if you ever have the opportunity to visit him in his sweet appartement in Katowice, Poland you'll be able to notice that he has every single DVD/VHS ever produced in the rolling industry. Behind his blue eyes you can sense that he is thinking of Rollerblading 24/7 – not only from the perspective as the owner of Hedonskate, but also as a dedicated rollerblader! Mirek is and will always try to push the sport into the right direction. To sum it up: Mirek is a very positive, funny and handsome person always looking at the bright side of life!

Danny Jensen: One Minute One Spot

Danny's not a robot, he can take a fall, but he is a machine that shows no fear. His skating is the sort of skating that will get you the enders for two different montages in Be-Mag's 'Featuring The World' DVD a while back. It's the sort of skating where in a contest if he lands the big trick he's going for it'll win the prize for best trick of the day, and if he has a section in a video it'll be the most talked about section in that video. Not that long ago an edit was shared on the web featuring some old footage of Danny skating in his homeland of New Zealand, and the universally positive response throughout the skating world was a testament to his ability to defy what we've come to expect in a person's skating. He's a stuntman that takes risks, and if the spot doesn't call for a stunt he'll still throw down the hardest tricks he can think of. He won't stop until he's landed them, even with no camera around to capture it. Just be grateful Craig was there to capture this session, at the new Rampit Skatepark in Melbourne. But this is only a minute – he can go all night at this place, or any place for that matter. And then there's his Seven Rats part, which is a whole different ball park...